english mother fucker do you speak it?

This is by far one of the best scenes of the best movies of all time. If you dont think so, fuck off.

Today's Playlist

So today is my first day in my new office. I now have an office all to myself. I used to share with five other b's, which I used to think was unfavorable. Today I am feeling otherwise. Having your own office is def not as glamorous as it sounds. While me and these other b's were from completely different walks of life we all meshed very well. We always had funny times, most of the time it was making fun of me and the stupid shit I said, but it was all fun none the less. Anyway I need to get used to being in here all by myself. And I need some shit on the walls, I feel like I'm in a flippin insane asylum. And I'm super lonely! So being all by my lonesome I've been wearing down the battery on i-peezy. Whats on today's play list you ask... oldies I heart is the play list of the day. Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Temptations etc. I feel like I can never get tired of oldies ever! So being on the topic here is a list of some of my all time fav oldies 1. At Last - Etta James... This fucking song gives me chills every time I hear it. 2. Party Doll - Buddy Holly 3. A little bit of soap - The Jarmels... Best break up song evs 4. Earth Angel - The Temptations.... Obviously 5. Love Me Tender - Elvis.... This is a fucking classic That is just a few of my favs there are many many more. Tomorrow i'll def move on to a new playlist... maybe my cali mix or the old trusty LMM. But I def feel like these 5 songs everyone should have in their ipods. If you don't know.... now you know. Droppin knowledge, thats what I do. Oh and here's Elvis before he got all fat and gnarly. This song makes me wanna make out.

At Work

At work we are moving offices. So today is a jeans day for us. It's always interesting to see what people wear on "jeans days" because then you know what they look like on the weekends. My boss wears the same thing on jeans day that he does every other day. And when I inquired he confirmed that he also sports this attire on the weekends. He is currently emptying book shelves and singing about his backyard. He's sort of the random Ned Flanders type. Like always happy and singing and shit. Once he told us about this guy that was going to beat him up and he got scared so he fell to the ground and played possum. Who does that? Anyway I am getting a new office today and i'm freakin pumped about it. There is no window but fuck it, it's exciting none the less. After 10 years they we're totally gonna screw me on the whole office thing, but I have this friend who is kinda a tells it like she sees it kinda gal. So she totally told it and I got my own office! Woot! She's gangsta and I heart her! She's the kinda person who you wanna get shit faced with cause she's hilarious! That's all for now. I'll post a pic of my new office when its all dunzo. Photobucket

Veronica's Secret

So I'm driving to work today and you know how they have big billboards on the side of the highway, well I'm looking and there's this huge billboard with a picture of what looks like one of my besties! And as I get closer no shittin, Vero has her own billboard and the bitch didn't even tell me. So I call her to confirm that I'm not crazy and she confirms that it is her from one of her very first photo shoots. You can def tell cause her hair is all blondie and me and Vero have come to an agreement that mexi girls look better with dark hair. So in honor of her billboard here is a list of things everyone should know about Veronica: 1. Her tagger name used to be divine, some still only refer to her as Divine (FYI she hates this) 2. She is a true b-girl at heart and always will be, she doesn't just front like all these other bitches these days who love hip hop cause its in. 3. Don't try to get her to leave the city in any sort of vehicle cause it will not happen. She would rather ride home with highway patrol. 4. She is a mommy and wife.... yes wifey, sorry boys :( 5. I can never tell when she's drunk. I'm still not sure if this is a good thing or not. 6. She is an amazing model.... psh look at her... right 8. She has an unusual anxiety of things that are larger than they're supposed to be, or things with alot of holes and patterns. 9. This bitch will dress you under the table on a budget. 10. She can make her manicures last for 4 weeks if she has to. 11. She has the celebrity gossip before TMZ even knows whats up All in all shes amazing and I heart her. I will be happy to see her face everyday when I go to work, even if her hair IS blonde. Oh and here is a pic of her billboard Photobucket And here is what she looks like nowadays. Photobucket I know dude... I know

anteaters are gangsta

and I don't care what anybody says this picture cracks me the fuck up. anteater, full size Pictures, Images and Photos

sling a ding ding

So my husband tore his rotator cuff (sp?) snowboarding this season. He waited until the season was over to have the surgery (dumb). Anyway I guess we both thought that this was an easy surgery. Anyway he comes home with all kinds of tubes and shit coming outta him. And he informs me that I will be the one to remove the morphine drip. What?!! I feel like that is def something a medical professional should be doing. It was by far the sickest thing I have ever had to do. There was like a foot of tube up in this motherfucker! So needless to say he is still in some pain and will be in a sling for a while. Which makes me want to fuck with him cause theres pretty much nothing he can do about it. So this whole arm in a sling thing reminds me of a story... once when I was in like 5th or 6th grade, I was fucking around and the TV fell on me and broke my arm. I was home alone so I had to lay under the TV until my mom got home. Anyway they put me in this bent cast thing where I couldn't straighten my arm. So I too was in a sling. Anyway there was this bitch at school who wasn't so fond of yours truly. So one day I'm walking home, arm in sling y todo. My other arm was full of books. So this cunt comes up behind me and pulls down my pants and pulls my shirt over my head, in front of everyone! So here I am trying to pull my pants up with my good arm and my other arm is freaking stuck over my head. I was wearing those baggy hammer pants that were so cool in the early 90's. The ones with the two flaps that folded over and buttoned in the front. The real OG's know whats up with the hammer pants. So then she takes off running. Ugghh it was one of the most awful experiences evs! But one of the funniest. Anyway I think the whole experience made me a tougher person. I know what your thinking and no I have not always been the gangsta bitch that I am today LMAO! So fast forward like 5 years and I'm in high school and me and my bf are in the drive thru at BK for lunch. And who is working the window but this de-pantsing motherfucker! So shes like oh I haven't seen you forevs blah blah and all I can think about is how she pulled my pants down. so I'm like oh so good to see you come outside and I'll give you my number so we can hang out! So when she comes out at this point I'm all adrenaline and I just swing without even thinking. And knock the bitch out one hit..... ok ok maybe not out but def down to the ground. Everyone was like WTF was that? I was even a little surprised, she didn't even fight back! It felt good... as though justice had been served. I got a ticket and couldn't go back to BK for a while. But I was ok with that. So kids remember if your arm is in a sling wear a belt fuckers! And bullies it will all come back around believe. word...

80's movies

80's movies are the best.Top that

Snow blow

I hate this weather, I hate being cold. Believe it or not I'm starting to get bored with guitar hero.
I can't wait for all of this shit to melt I'm over it.
They are selling live caterpillars on tv I guess they turn into butterflies. Who buys this shit?
My son has all these 800 numbers written down for all this shit he wants to buy off of tv like color change markers and and a bunch of other crap. He's pretty much hilarious.

Pompadours & Breast Cancer

My friend Amberama sent me this vid. It's pretty much the best thing i've seen in awhile. Amber is currently in the ring for the 3rd time with the cunt they call breast cancer. She is undergoing chemotherapy which I can't even imagine going through. I'm not worried though this bitch is a straight soldier. She's beat it twice before. I am just lucky to know her. The whole thing is kind of humbling. Anyway she sent me this vid and its so freaking sick. I feel like street dancing asians with pompadours is the best thing evs!

Beans and Rice

I have recently been thinking alot about my peeps and where I come from. I am a mexi not like from mexico but from here. I do love it, I love the comida, the musica, the dancing, the peeps. I love when my mama and Germaine speak spanglish to me. I don't speak fluent spanish but I dont think that makes me any less of a mexi. I love mexi weddings where there is a band of old guys with mustaches instead of a DJ with a computer. And they can pretty much play and sing anything you wanna hear. I love sitting in my papas garage listening to oldies on a warm Sunday afternoon. I love the way my elders call me hita. I feel like being mexi is the best from the food to the cars to the music. I have a good friend who chills with alot of mexis, cause why not right? Anyway some busted ass white chicks were giving him lip about how he wants to be a beaner cause he chills with us. Whatevs my cultura is amazing and my raza is chill as fuck. Mostly I think people are people and who cares who you chill with. I think mostly he grew up that way so he identifies ya digg. This dude speaks better spanish than most mexis I know. And thats what I think about that... word to ya mutha Oh and here is one of my fav mexis for your listening pleasure. And him tambien

Being Domestic Sucks

I pretty much hate cooking and cleaning and most domestic shit that I'm told wives are supposed to do.
Not that my house is messy or dirty, I clean I just hate doing it.
I just got home and my husband told me I have to make dinner. I wanted to chill for half a second and read the new issue of Elle.
I'm not gonna lie I can't really cook to save my life. I can make the easy shit but I'm no wolfgang puck.
So I'm making lettuce wraps and white rice cause I don't feel like doing much more than that. Maybe I'll make some edamame cause I freakin love that stuff. I could eat it all day urr day.
Then on to the dishes.... Ugghh domestic shit


My eyelashes are falling off today. I got ready in a super flash of a hurry this morning. I wear eyelashes everyday of my life, unless for some reason I don't leave the house. It's an expensive habit for sure. Not as expensive as smoking or crack but pretty expensive none the less. I have glue in my bag, but am pretty much procrastinating re gluing them. Has anyone ever noticed how gnarly eyelash glue smells? It has to be one of the most rancid smelling substances evs. But yet I still put it all over my eyes, once it dries it doesn't smell at all. Some of my friends like the way it smells, but they are glue sniffers anyway.

I'm a blogger deal with it

Ha I created a blog! Who am I right? I have alot of shit to say so why not right! Let me figure this shit out and i'll hit you with some knowledge General style.