At Work

At work we are moving offices. So today is a jeans day for us. It's always interesting to see what people wear on "jeans days" because then you know what they look like on the weekends. My boss wears the same thing on jeans day that he does every other day. And when I inquired he confirmed that he also sports this attire on the weekends. He is currently emptying book shelves and singing about his backyard. He's sort of the random Ned Flanders type. Like always happy and singing and shit. Once he told us about this guy that was going to beat him up and he got scared so he fell to the ground and played possum. Who does that? Anyway I am getting a new office today and i'm freakin pumped about it. There is no window but fuck it, it's exciting none the less. After 10 years they we're totally gonna screw me on the whole office thing, but I have this friend who is kinda a tells it like she sees it kinda gal. So she totally told it and I got my own office! Woot! She's gangsta and I heart her! She's the kinda person who you wanna get shit faced with cause she's hilarious! That's all for now. I'll post a pic of my new office when its all dunzo. Photobucket

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