Beans and Rice

I have recently been thinking alot about my peeps and where I come from. I am a mexi not like from mexico but from here. I do love it, I love the comida, the musica, the dancing, the peeps. I love when my mama and Germaine speak spanglish to me. I don't speak fluent spanish but I dont think that makes me any less of a mexi. I love mexi weddings where there is a band of old guys with mustaches instead of a DJ with a computer. And they can pretty much play and sing anything you wanna hear. I love sitting in my papas garage listening to oldies on a warm Sunday afternoon. I love the way my elders call me hita. I feel like being mexi is the best from the food to the cars to the music. I have a good friend who chills with alot of mexis, cause why not right? Anyway some busted ass white chicks were giving him lip about how he wants to be a beaner cause he chills with us. Whatevs my cultura is amazing and my raza is chill as fuck. Mostly I think people are people and who cares who you chill with. I think mostly he grew up that way so he identifies ya digg. This dude speaks better spanish than most mexis I know. And thats what I think about that... word to ya mutha Oh and here is one of my fav mexis for your listening pleasure. And him tambien

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Ryan said...

Viva la raza!