Pompadours & Breast Cancer

My friend Amberama sent me this vid. It's pretty much the best thing i've seen in awhile. Amber is currently in the ring for the 3rd time with the cunt they call breast cancer. She is undergoing chemotherapy which I can't even imagine going through. I'm not worried though this bitch is a straight soldier. She's beat it twice before. I am just lucky to know her. The whole thing is kind of humbling. Anyway she sent me this vid and its so freaking sick. I feel like street dancing asians with pompadours is the best thing evs!


Amber said...

Awe..I am honored to be your friend and thank you for loving this video as much as I do!!!


heckela said...

Nothing says tough quite like big bangs and slow choreographed kicks.

heckela said...

By the way, I have blogged about your blog. How techno-geeky are WE? www.boulderandthebeautiful.com.