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So today is my first day in my new office. I now have an office all to myself. I used to share with five other b's, which I used to think was unfavorable. Today I am feeling otherwise. Having your own office is def not as glamorous as it sounds. While me and these other b's were from completely different walks of life we all meshed very well. We always had funny times, most of the time it was making fun of me and the stupid shit I said, but it was all fun none the less. Anyway I need to get used to being in here all by myself. And I need some shit on the walls, I feel like I'm in a flippin insane asylum. And I'm super lonely! So being all by my lonesome I've been wearing down the battery on i-peezy. Whats on today's play list you ask... oldies I heart is the play list of the day. Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Temptations etc. I feel like I can never get tired of oldies ever! So being on the topic here is a list of some of my all time fav oldies 1. At Last - Etta James... This fucking song gives me chills every time I hear it. 2. Party Doll - Buddy Holly 3. A little bit of soap - The Jarmels... Best break up song evs 4. Earth Angel - The Temptations.... Obviously 5. Love Me Tender - Elvis.... This is a fucking classic That is just a few of my favs there are many many more. Tomorrow i'll def move on to a new playlist... maybe my cali mix or the old trusty LMM. But I def feel like these 5 songs everyone should have in their ipods. If you don't know.... now you know. Droppin knowledge, thats what I do. Oh and here's Elvis before he got all fat and gnarly. This song makes me wanna make out.

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Ryan said...

Etta gets me too!