Veronica's Secret

So I'm driving to work today and you know how they have big billboards on the side of the highway, well I'm looking and there's this huge billboard with a picture of what looks like one of my besties! And as I get closer no shittin, Vero has her own billboard and the bitch didn't even tell me. So I call her to confirm that I'm not crazy and she confirms that it is her from one of her very first photo shoots. You can def tell cause her hair is all blondie and me and Vero have come to an agreement that mexi girls look better with dark hair. So in honor of her billboard here is a list of things everyone should know about Veronica: 1. Her tagger name used to be divine, some still only refer to her as Divine (FYI she hates this) 2. She is a true b-girl at heart and always will be, she doesn't just front like all these other bitches these days who love hip hop cause its in. 3. Don't try to get her to leave the city in any sort of vehicle cause it will not happen. She would rather ride home with highway patrol. 4. She is a mommy and wife.... yes wifey, sorry boys :( 5. I can never tell when she's drunk. I'm still not sure if this is a good thing or not. 6. She is an amazing model.... psh look at her... right 8. She has an unusual anxiety of things that are larger than they're supposed to be, or things with alot of holes and patterns. 9. This bitch will dress you under the table on a budget. 10. She can make her manicures last for 4 weeks if she has to. 11. She has the celebrity gossip before TMZ even knows whats up All in all shes amazing and I heart her. I will be happy to see her face everyday when I go to work, even if her hair IS blonde. Oh and here is a pic of her billboard Photobucket And here is what she looks like nowadays. Photobucket I know dude... I know

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