drunky face

So Saturday night was complete debauchery in my world. Waaaay too much vodka was consumed by all. Believe it or not sometimes bottle service is a bad idea. And the stiletto vodka combo is def not as glamorous as it may sound. Then we come to drunk dialing/texting. I mos def feel like cell phones should come equipped with breathalyzers. The things people say when they are drunk are hilarious. My hilarity is pretty much a constant but def is elevated when alcohol enters the equation. Oh and I am the queen of mis texting, I send the wrong messages to the wrong people all freakin day but it def gets worse when alcohol is involved, and can sometimes be sooooo embarrassing! So if you have ever been a victim of an Angel mis text... my apologies And how the hell do drunk people stay up until 6 in the morning? I feel like if i'm drunk i'm passed the fuck out by 2:30 at the latest... I hate being drunk it is the worst feeling evs! And i'm a denial drunk, like totally hammered talking about how i'm ok to drive. I actually think I drive better when i'm drunk cause i'm so paranoid, but I need to be on the phone conversing to stay awake. And I rarely ever puke thank god. Puking is the worst ever! And I never puke in public ever!!! So we are leaving Martini Ranch (I know) and there is this girl just puking her guts out all over the sidewalk, shit was all over her jeans y todo. So I thought I would take a pic just to remind me never to get that drunk. Needless to say her friend was not very happy about me playing paparazzi but whatevs. Here she is... hilarious drunkbitch

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