Ink Humanity

My friends are good people... Yes they are. Peep this event and get your motherfucking ink on! inkhumainty ONE TATTOO = ONE MOSQUITO NET Starting May 1, in honor of World Malaria Day For every tattoo done at Junkyard Ink through Memorial Day, we commit to buy one insecticide-treated mosquito net to save the lives of refugees and orphans on the Kwangwali Refugee Camp in Uganda. Transform your skin and transform a life. Make your appointment right away at 720-536-5945. Due to heightened political turmoil, the number of refugees flooding the Kwangwali camp is expected to double this summer, when members of our Junkyard family will be volunteering there. One African child dies every 30 seconds of malaria, and it's 100 percent preventable. Think Humanity is a local nonprofit that aims to protect every refugee on the camp from malaria, as well as improve their lives in other ways. Check out "This is not about charity. This is about justice. ... Where you live should not decide whether you live or whether you die." -- Bono

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