So those of you who know me know me feelings on this subject. And despite my strong lectures I have several friends who go against my wishes every spring! You bitches know who you are! I mos def feel like mexi girls SHOULD NOT put freakin highlights in their hair. There is nothing natural looking about it! I must admit that in the past I have fallen victim to the lure of springtime highlights, but never again! Even if you go to a high end salon and pay $200 for these repulsive things it is still wrong! If the good lord wanted you have bright yellow stripes in your hair he would have made you that way! Now don't get me wrong I am not against coloring your hair, but ladies come on! I think mexi girls are by far the most gorgeous creatures on the planet.... that being because of their god given amazing features. We were made to have dark hair and dark eyes because that's what makes us different from all of these other barbie doll bitches roaming the streets. So I beg of you stay away from the foil and bleach bitch! Oh and the motherfucking colored contacts... really Please note that is is only my opinion on the subject and mostly you can do whatever you want. word Oh and here is one of my friends who has recently fallen victim to the highlight itch... sorry Rae mexilights Now not to say that she doesn't look amazing.... but it would be even better with dark hair!

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