I haven't really had anything good to say lately. I went to the dentist yesterday which was awful! I freakin hate the dentist. I don't really think that theres anyone who loves it right?! Anyway they numbed the entire right side of my face. They had to do some shit called scaling or something. It was gnarly. I have to go back on Monday so they can do the other side of my mouth. I'll def be glad when its over. I feel like mouth pain is one of the worst kinda pains evs! Like when you whiten your teeth. Well i'm a sucker for good teeth I think it's super important. A yucky grill could ruin even the hottest guy..... But yeah I whiten my teeth quite often and I think that shit hurts! Looks fab when its done though. Not feeling as hilarious as I usually am, but whatevs. One

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