wonder bread

Wonder Bread Pictures, Images and Photos So I have this friend... we'll call her wonder bread. We work together... anyway she calls me today or maybe I called her, either way we were on the phone and she's like I'm bored so I says, well read my blog that'll entertain you for a bit. Well let's just say that entertain is mos def not even close to what she was... She calls me just as confused as ever. Has no idea what my blog says. I guess I use a lot of slang... So wonder bread is kinda from a diff circle than most of the peeps I surround myself with. I def think it's good that we're friends though because we bring culture into each others lives that we mos def would never EVER be exposed to otherwise. She grew up on a farm like with real live animals and shit, it still blows my mind just to think about it. She was voted like corn or pumpkin queen or some silly shit like that back in the day. Oh and she said she never even met a mexi until she went off to college, heh.. Anyway she suggested that i have a definition bar on my blog so that she can better understand what the f I'm talking about. I think she's the funniest b ever! So here is a list of "words" and phrases that ol' wonder bread was confused by: 1. ish 2. hardcore 3. peep game 4. drop knowledge 5. whatevs 6. thuggets 7. dope 8. got laced 9. sick Oh and I'm sure there's more, but you get the idea. She teaches me about sheep and goats and other country farm shit so it's an even trade.

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