Larimer Street Tattoo

Time to drop some fucking knowledge. If you haven't been to Larimer Street Tattoo, you better ask somebody. They are officially open for fucking business, and you better make your appointments before you're assed out. They currently have 2 amazing artists Zeb One formerly of Junkyard Ink and Joe Miller formerly of Tribe tattoo. These dudes are in my opinion the sickest fucking tattoo artists Denver has seen in a minute. All of my ink is courtesy of Zeb One, and you all know how dope my shit is... Pshhh obviously. Anyway they are having their Grand Opening Party on July 4th, of you wanna roll thru and check out the shop or make an appointment. The shop is by far the illest tattoo shop I have ever stepped foot in. It's like no other tattoo shop you've ever seen. Gotta peep game to even know what I'm talking about. Oh and they also have piercing available by Savannah, she's the cutest little fucking thing you will ever have poking holes in your ass. And the apprentices have to be the luckiest dudes on the face of the fucking planet to be working under Zeb and Joe. Needless to say they will be no less then amazing tattoo artists themselves when Zeb and Joe are done with them. Anyway if you want some sick fucking ink, or some visual stimulation visit LST, you will not be sorry. Don't sleep on this! LarimerStreetTatt PS. Shop number is 303-296-0447

The king of pop

michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos In honor of MJ's death here is a list of things I love about Michael 1. The mother fucking moonwalk. Everyone tries but no one can do it like Michael did. 2. Red zipper jacket. I had one of these fucking things when I was like 7 or 8, I thought it was the coolest thing evs.... cause pshhhh it was! 3. The afro to the jerry curl and that one little curly hair right in front of his face in the BAD video. 4. Thriller, this is still one of my all time favorite vids ever. I remember I was so scared of it when I was little but I watched it anyway. I think Thriller is what gave me my unhealthy obsession with zombies. 5. The way you make me feel. I like the vibe of this vid, I used to pretend I was the girl, and would dance in my living room. 6. His kids. I don't care what anyone says my son would LOVE to go out in public dressed like that... mask and all. I wont allow it however. 7. Last but not least the glove, I had one and wish I still did. He is in a far better place now and far from all the scrutiny and the disapproving public eye. Sometimes the spotlight can get too bright and ruin great people. Michael made a great contribution to the soundtrack of my life. He was and always will be a motherfucking great! Rest in peace Michael.


Rehab is my shit right now. I have this shit looped on the ipiece. The entire Southern Discomfort album is pretty much fire. Keeps my head bouncin. Say something.

Sprinkles on top...

So I'm on this kick about being a better person, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. All around I'm trying to change some shit up. Trying to let go of my grudges and let the big man be my avenger. And believe me there are a few people I would like to handle on my own. I'm trying not to be so critical of people and what they look like and what they're wearing and shit. I'm pretty much a bitch straight up, I'm fucking mean. I wanna change that. My mom told me this weekend "why are you always so mean to everyone?" and I didn't have a good answer. This is hard for me cause I'm the kinda person who will tell it just like it is, and not give a fuck what anyone thought. Apparently this is not an appealing quality... pshhh who knew. Hopefully these changes will bring good into my life, and things will start to turn around for me. Don't get me wrong I'm not going on some holy roller kick like I have seen many people do. I have recently become a believer in karma. So I wanna do good shit so I get some good shit in return. Oh and all that treat people like you wanna be treated shit too, I mosdef wouldn't wanna be treated the way I treat some people. So now on to being nice. Not to worry though I still have a mouth like a sailor, and will win burping and spitting contests. And believe that I will never EVER let anyone disrespect or take advantage of me. All in all I'm still me just with some sprinkles on top! sprinklesontop

LARD season 3 is extra fucking good!

So my boys at LARD are dropping their season 3 line this Saturday at Speakeasy. Coolest fucking dudes you will ever meet. Go to this party or fuck off... Word extrafuckingood

This Guy

This guy hangs out outside my store sometimes.

another dollar

I don't really have anything important to say today. The weekend was good minus all this fucking rain everyday. Dude I'm so over the rain lemme tell you! Oh and the tornadoes too, I'm over having to go into the basement till they're gone. Hopefully this week will be better. I need to wash the whip, that bitch is super dirty. Doesn't look like a 60g ride with dirt and bird shit all over. Papabear gets surgery on Thursday to remove a piece of tumor in his leg. Sucks for sure. He's a soldier though so I know he'll get through it. Did makeup for a photoshoot for Filthe Soles yesterday. Dude is mad talented and has amazing taste in models ;) I cant wait to see the pics! Gonna get back on my whorebath game this week. gotta make shit happen. Currently I am listening to Rehab's Southern Discomfort album. My tattoo artist turned me on to it. It's my shit right now. Say something...


Hmmm Cali... Shit where do I even begin? I had the motherfucking time of my life. The trip started off a bit rocky with delayed flights, fucked up hotel and car reservations, and some other shit. But after we got that all smoothed over it was gravy. Day one we went to Santa Monica and did mucho shopping and eating. We ate at this place called the Beanery which was hilarious to me... cause we're beaners :) santamonica beanery Then that night we went to Hermosa beach got potsy on the pier and went to some college bar where every one looked like they shopped at Hollister. Tiff was in heaven she loves those kinda boys... me not so much but it was still fun! The next day we went to In N Out burger then to Long Beach and wrote shit in the sand, cause that's what you do on vacation I guess. It was chill. That night we went to dinner at PF Changs mostly cause I love that place and it was super close. longbeach The next day we went to Ink N Iron Festival which ranks up there as one of the best days of my life. Much like Tiffanys love for the boys at the college bar, the Ink & Iron fest offered greasers, cholos, and all around ruffnecks as far as the eye could see. I was surrounded with people that loved all the same shit as me... vintage cars, tattoos, art etc. It was the bestie best time evs! I only got one small tattoo mostly cause I only let ONE artist do my work. But I felt like I had to get some sort of ink right? ink&iron lowrider dodart Ok So after Ink & Iron we went back to the hoteez and got re-ready and went into Hollywood to some bar someone told us about. Apparently there was a list that we were def not a part of, but as it turns out not being on the list was actually better cause we got right in and didn't have to wait in the long list line while the dumbass bouncer looked for our names. So this was one of the most bizarre bars I have ever been in. It was like some strange 70's porno movie. It was so so dark you couldn't even see where you were going and the doors were like leather and padded swingy doors with little diamond shaped windows. Oh and we met some real life drink ninjas who just wait for people to put their drinks down and then they take them and drink them ha! Everyone in the place was drinking colt 45 which was weird to me. When we left we took a little car tour through Hollywood which was fun. On the way home we did have a small run in with the median but escaped injury and police contact. The next day we went to Venice and walked all up and down Venice Beach it was super cool. The people in Venice are most def one of a kind. This was our last day in Cali :( then we went to the airport and came home. Cali was the best time evs I def feel like I could maybe live there, minus that the air is so thick you can actually chew it. The people are mad cool and the beach is something I can never get enough of. Oh and the medical maryjane is very nice too. All in all I'm def glad to be home in the 5280. Oh here is one of the medical maryjane places, they're all over out there like crazy... Loves it! potsy

red eye

Taking late night flights to LA is def not as glamorous as it sounds. I am currently stuck at DIA waiting for a delayed airplane. We were supposed to leave an hour ago but apparently there is weather issues.
So I am currently surronded by a little sleepy old lady, some big mouth beeotch behind me and a couple of cholas.
Now they are playing trivia games to keep us occupied which is lame cause it's not working. Wait ok I just won a beer cozy so it's not so bad.
Real talk tho I'm stoked for Cali. I have an agenda which hopefully we can stick to.
Tiffys all hopped up on percocet and broken so that should make for a good time for sure. Ha she also got sweated hard by security they had to touch her in her "sensitive areas" haha that's what they call them, funny shit yo!

Drama Drag

So I spent my Friday evening at a drag show. It was super fun, some of my good friends were performing, so I had to go support. I love drag shows for several reasons, which include: 1. The sickest makeup on the face of the earth 2. The music never disappoints 3. The crowd is super interesting to say the least So ok.... yes all of these beautiful girls are actually men, but shit they make better girls than alot of the actual girls I know. And they can freakin dance their little asses off back flips and cartwheels y todo. I feel like going to these events keeps me cultured. It's obviously a different lifestyle than my own, but super fun none the less. So, lets move on to the makeup. As you all know I myself am a makeup artist, but my ish will never hold a candle to the faces these boys create. It is breathtaking to say the least! This is Walter (aka Kira)he has taught me so much about makeup, not to mention he always has wise wise words about life for me too. I am very grateful to know him, he has a beautiful soul and an even prettier face! walter This is Joel (aka Angelina) He represents for the big girls, and puts on one hell of a show! He is so funny and will always make you smile. Check the makeup on this bitch, so fucking amazing! joel And last but certainly not least the Beautiful Nina Flowers who I don't know personally but would love to, (I don't know his boy name I think its like Jose or something) the word costume can not even begin to describe what she can put together. I have never seen sicker makeup in my life! And the head pieces are unbelievable. I'm still trying to figure out how they get them to stick to their heads??? Anyway this bitch had the crowd wildn' out to say the least! ninaflowers Oh and at the end of the night They read this shit from the mayor that proclaimed May 29th Nina Flowers day in Denver. Whaaaa??? How fucking sick is that to have your own day??!! Like other greats with their own day Nina Flowers reps for those who are different and fights for equality, which I have great respect for. So needless to say I was honored to be in attendance on Friday. Drama Drag performs monthly at Tracks night club on Walnut street. I'll post a for sure date when it gets closer. You should def go to a show, even if your skeptical fuck it you will love it by the end!