Hmmm Cali... Shit where do I even begin? I had the motherfucking time of my life. The trip started off a bit rocky with delayed flights, fucked up hotel and car reservations, and some other shit. But after we got that all smoothed over it was gravy. Day one we went to Santa Monica and did mucho shopping and eating. We ate at this place called the Beanery which was hilarious to me... cause we're beaners :) santamonica beanery Then that night we went to Hermosa beach got potsy on the pier and went to some college bar where every one looked like they shopped at Hollister. Tiff was in heaven she loves those kinda boys... me not so much but it was still fun! The next day we went to In N Out burger then to Long Beach and wrote shit in the sand, cause that's what you do on vacation I guess. It was chill. That night we went to dinner at PF Changs mostly cause I love that place and it was super close. longbeach The next day we went to Ink N Iron Festival which ranks up there as one of the best days of my life. Much like Tiffanys love for the boys at the college bar, the Ink & Iron fest offered greasers, cholos, and all around ruffnecks as far as the eye could see. I was surrounded with people that loved all the same shit as me... vintage cars, tattoos, art etc. It was the bestie best time evs! I only got one small tattoo mostly cause I only let ONE artist do my work. But I felt like I had to get some sort of ink right? ink&iron lowrider dodart Ok So after Ink & Iron we went back to the hoteez and got re-ready and went into Hollywood to some bar someone told us about. Apparently there was a list that we were def not a part of, but as it turns out not being on the list was actually better cause we got right in and didn't have to wait in the long list line while the dumbass bouncer looked for our names. So this was one of the most bizarre bars I have ever been in. It was like some strange 70's porno movie. It was so so dark you couldn't even see where you were going and the doors were like leather and padded swingy doors with little diamond shaped windows. Oh and we met some real life drink ninjas who just wait for people to put their drinks down and then they take them and drink them ha! Everyone in the place was drinking colt 45 which was weird to me. When we left we took a little car tour through Hollywood which was fun. On the way home we did have a small run in with the median but escaped injury and police contact. The next day we went to Venice and walked all up and down Venice Beach it was super cool. The people in Venice are most def one of a kind. This was our last day in Cali :( then we went to the airport and came home. Cali was the best time evs I def feel like I could maybe live there, minus that the air is so thick you can actually chew it. The people are mad cool and the beach is something I can never get enough of. Oh and the medical maryjane is very nice too. All in all I'm def glad to be home in the 5280. Oh here is one of the medical maryjane places, they're all over out there like crazy... Loves it! potsy

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