Drama Drag

So I spent my Friday evening at a drag show. It was super fun, some of my good friends were performing, so I had to go support. I love drag shows for several reasons, which include: 1. The sickest makeup on the face of the earth 2. The music never disappoints 3. The crowd is super interesting to say the least So ok.... yes all of these beautiful girls are actually men, but shit they make better girls than alot of the actual girls I know. And they can freakin dance their little asses off back flips and cartwheels y todo. I feel like going to these events keeps me cultured. It's obviously a different lifestyle than my own, but super fun none the less. So, lets move on to the makeup. As you all know I myself am a makeup artist, but my ish will never hold a candle to the faces these boys create. It is breathtaking to say the least! This is Walter (aka Kira)he has taught me so much about makeup, not to mention he always has wise wise words about life for me too. I am very grateful to know him, he has a beautiful soul and an even prettier face! walter This is Joel (aka Angelina) He represents for the big girls, and puts on one hell of a show! He is so funny and will always make you smile. Check the makeup on this bitch, so fucking amazing! joel And last but certainly not least the Beautiful Nina Flowers who I don't know personally but would love to, (I don't know his boy name I think its like Jose or something) the word costume can not even begin to describe what she can put together. I have never seen sicker makeup in my life! And the head pieces are unbelievable. I'm still trying to figure out how they get them to stick to their heads??? Anyway this bitch had the crowd wildn' out to say the least! ninaflowers Oh and at the end of the night They read this shit from the mayor that proclaimed May 29th Nina Flowers day in Denver. Whaaaa??? How fucking sick is that to have your own day??!! Like other greats with their own day Nina Flowers reps for those who are different and fights for equality, which I have great respect for. So needless to say I was honored to be in attendance on Friday. Drama Drag performs monthly at Tracks night club on Walnut street. I'll post a for sure date when it gets closer. You should def go to a show, even if your skeptical fuck it you will love it by the end!

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