The king of pop

michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos In honor of MJ's death here is a list of things I love about Michael 1. The mother fucking moonwalk. Everyone tries but no one can do it like Michael did. 2. Red zipper jacket. I had one of these fucking things when I was like 7 or 8, I thought it was the coolest thing evs.... cause pshhhh it was! 3. The afro to the jerry curl and that one little curly hair right in front of his face in the BAD video. 4. Thriller, this is still one of my all time favorite vids ever. I remember I was so scared of it when I was little but I watched it anyway. I think Thriller is what gave me my unhealthy obsession with zombies. 5. The way you make me feel. I like the vibe of this vid, I used to pretend I was the girl, and would dance in my living room. 6. His kids. I don't care what anyone says my son would LOVE to go out in public dressed like that... mask and all. I wont allow it however. 7. Last but not least the glove, I had one and wish I still did. He is in a far better place now and far from all the scrutiny and the disapproving public eye. Sometimes the spotlight can get too bright and ruin great people. Michael made a great contribution to the soundtrack of my life. He was and always will be a motherfucking great! Rest in peace Michael.

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