Larimer Street Tattoo

Time to drop some fucking knowledge. If you haven't been to Larimer Street Tattoo, you better ask somebody. They are officially open for fucking business, and you better make your appointments before you're assed out. They currently have 2 amazing artists Zeb One formerly of Junkyard Ink and Joe Miller formerly of Tribe tattoo. These dudes are in my opinion the sickest fucking tattoo artists Denver has seen in a minute. All of my ink is courtesy of Zeb One, and you all know how dope my shit is... Pshhh obviously. Anyway they are having their Grand Opening Party on July 4th, of you wanna roll thru and check out the shop or make an appointment. The shop is by far the illest tattoo shop I have ever stepped foot in. It's like no other tattoo shop you've ever seen. Gotta peep game to even know what I'm talking about. Oh and they also have piercing available by Savannah, she's the cutest little fucking thing you will ever have poking holes in your ass. And the apprentices have to be the luckiest dudes on the face of the fucking planet to be working under Zeb and Joe. Needless to say they will be no less then amazing tattoo artists themselves when Zeb and Joe are done with them. Anyway if you want some sick fucking ink, or some visual stimulation visit LST, you will not be sorry. Don't sleep on this! LarimerStreetTatt PS. Shop number is 303-296-0447

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