red eye

Taking late night flights to LA is def not as glamorous as it sounds. I am currently stuck at DIA waiting for a delayed airplane. We were supposed to leave an hour ago but apparently there is weather issues.
So I am currently surronded by a little sleepy old lady, some big mouth beeotch behind me and a couple of cholas.
Now they are playing trivia games to keep us occupied which is lame cause it's not working. Wait ok I just won a beer cozy so it's not so bad.
Real talk tho I'm stoked for Cali. I have an agenda which hopefully we can stick to.
Tiffys all hopped up on percocet and broken so that should make for a good time for sure. Ha she also got sweated hard by security they had to touch her in her "sensitive areas" haha that's what they call them, funny shit yo!

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