Fucket List

Fuck the following things: 1. Thursdays 2. Being in Limbo 3. Identity theft 4. Car repair 5. Work 6. breakups (not me) 7. Rain and hail 8. swallowing flys 9. being old 10. party planning hey kettle i'm pot and you're black!

Devil Doll

This bitch is the business. Her music is fucking amazing! I feel like it is a big chunk of the soundtrack of my life. You know when you find those songs, and all the lyrics are spot on how you're feeling. That's how I feel about Devil Doll. King of Brooklyn and Bourbon in your eyes got me through some shit this year. I think every girl should have this album for dumb fuck dude issues. Download her shit on iTunes or go to her website www.devil-doll.com or her MS www.myspace.com/devildoll Don't fucking sleep on this! Word to your mom. And this one is sexxxxy.

House shoes are for the house

Dude please keep your slippers at home! They are not for the grocery store. Nor are your pajama pants. Why do bitches think this is cute? It is just as easy to put on a pair of flip flops. I saw a girl last week who came to her new student orientation in socks, no shoes just socks. Fuck people are lazy! How long could it possible take to slip some shoes on? Also airplane flight does not equal fucking bedtime! Taking a nap on the plane is one thing but showing up for your flight in your pajamas is no bueno. Fuck man some peoples kids! You will never catch my kid in his pajamas in public! True spit.. Ladies.... this is how you should get down And for crying out loud.... polish your flippin toes! realwomen


This is my shit right now. I haven't listened to it in a minute so I forgot how much I liked it. I don't care what anyone says this dude is fucking amazing! He will be blowing up soon I can feel it! The homie chuck steezy turned me on to him a while back. Peep game. Download his black leaf album on itunes or peep game at myspace.com/pilottouhill WORD Some of my other Pilot favs: Hollywood Girl Siete Cervezas Eazy Los Angeles

Travel and stuff

I am currently sitting on an airplane home from Little Rock Arkansas.
I went for work . I have to say turbulance is the worstie worst. I am
the worst flier evs, I get so scared everytime I fly I'm convinced the
plane is going to crash. I hate it. I'd stay in Denver forevs if I
So about Little Rock. It was so flippin hot and humid crazy ridiculous
for sure. I do love that every restraunt serves sweet tea, I love
sweet tea! They def don't have that shit in Denver. Also the hip hop
stations in LR are fucking legit. They know that hip hop doesn't equal
Fergie or Lady Ga Ga. Nothing against them I'm just sayin it's not hip
So anyway I'm glad to be coming home I def miss the D. Haha and by D I
mean Denver (I know what you were thinking) I know I need to start
blogging more, I guess sometimes I just have a bunch of shit to say
and sometimes I don't. So for those of you who say I'm a bad blogger
or for those of you who are so fucking critical of my shit, well you
can fuck right off! I am what I am and mostly I just do what the Fuck
I want. For those of you who love The Gens booty, well I love ya'll
back. Real spit!
Word to your mom...

I wanna come home...

Apparenly I don't have as much shit to say as I once did. Whatevs. So here is a list of things I am currently thinking: 1. F being away from home 2. Little Rock is hot as fuck 3. They do know hip hop down though 4. I hate the words ma'am and ya'll 5. Airplanes make me sick 6. I don't want to make any decisions about my bday 7. I heart the new iPhone photo app 8. I hate the song "I'm a jerk" 9. I can't wait for pool time and mimosas on Saturday 10. Denver is by far the most amazing place on the face on the fucking earth 11. I'm fucking home sick.... I'm thinking about about some other shit too but I'll keep that to myself.

One word Wednesday


Friday Fav

young Elvis and this tambien

UFC 100

UFC100 Ok well first of all I cant believe there have been 100 UFCs. That's crazy to me. So I'm super excited for this weekends fights. I would be more excited if Rampage was fighting, but I'll settle. So here's who I got. I got Lesnar, not cause I want him to win but because I just think he will. Dude is a flippin monster. He reminds me of the big Russian in Rocky. Then I got St. Pierre, I think he's still got one in him. If he loses though I think hes dunzo for a while. And last but not least I got Bisping. I think Henderson is off his game big time. Man the UK flippin crushed US in this seasons Ultimate Fighter. Oh and next season should be even better... Rampage, Rashad, and Kimbo, are you freakin kidding me. I cant wait. So I'll get back on Monday and we'll see how right I was. Word.