Travel and stuff

I am currently sitting on an airplane home from Little Rock Arkansas.
I went for work . I have to say turbulance is the worstie worst. I am
the worst flier evs, I get so scared everytime I fly I'm convinced the
plane is going to crash. I hate it. I'd stay in Denver forevs if I
So about Little Rock. It was so flippin hot and humid crazy ridiculous
for sure. I do love that every restraunt serves sweet tea, I love
sweet tea! They def don't have that shit in Denver. Also the hip hop
stations in LR are fucking legit. They know that hip hop doesn't equal
Fergie or Lady Ga Ga. Nothing against them I'm just sayin it's not hip
So anyway I'm glad to be coming home I def miss the D. Haha and by D I
mean Denver (I know what you were thinking) I know I need to start
blogging more, I guess sometimes I just have a bunch of shit to say
and sometimes I don't. So for those of you who say I'm a bad blogger
or for those of you who are so fucking critical of my shit, well you
can fuck right off! I am what I am and mostly I just do what the Fuck
I want. For those of you who love The Gens booty, well I love ya'll
back. Real spit!
Word to your mom...

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