UFC 100

UFC100 Ok well first of all I cant believe there have been 100 UFCs. That's crazy to me. So I'm super excited for this weekends fights. I would be more excited if Rampage was fighting, but I'll settle. So here's who I got. I got Lesnar, not cause I want him to win but because I just think he will. Dude is a flippin monster. He reminds me of the big Russian in Rocky. Then I got St. Pierre, I think he's still got one in him. If he loses though I think hes dunzo for a while. And last but not least I got Bisping. I think Henderson is off his game big time. Man the UK flippin crushed US in this seasons Ultimate Fighter. Oh and next season should be even better... Rampage, Rashad, and Kimbo, are you freakin kidding me. I cant wait. So I'll get back on Monday and we'll see how right I was. Word.

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