fuck it

I'm feeling these lyrics today...... Everytime you tell me lies it comes as no surprise, Because I know you better than you do, and that you can't help all the things that you do. Everytime you kiss my face, and take me to that very special place, Why did you love me? Was it just for the chase? I want to kiss you, Then punch you in the face. You think you're the king of brooklyn, and that you've seen it all, and you can do what you want, whenever you want, and all that you say is law. Well let me be the first to not come crawling back to you, You're gonna wish you were crucified when I get through with you. Well I'd leave you on a cross to die, and hang ribbons around your neck, Oh I know I told you that I forgave you, I lied and you lost the bet. Oh baby, Fuck you for never being true, The Horse you rode in on and your girl too. I'll be ok, but never the same, By this time next year, I won't remember your name. I can't seem to shake you from my heart Although I know that it's best that we're apart, Cause I can't breathe when you're so close to me. and I can't live my life when all you do is lie to me, No I can't live my life when all you do is lie to me. No, No, No, No...

friday's fucket list

fucketjohnny because for some reason I'm feeling like this today. I guess yesterday was just an overload of amazingness and I'm coming down from a birthday high. so on that note FUCK the following things 1. having a.d.d. and not having adderall 2. people forgetting that it was my birthday 3. new lady with her stupid shoes and hair making more work for me when I obviously have a.d.d. 4. ex dumb fuck loser boyfriends weaseling their slimy way back in 5. not losing any weight in time for my party 6. being sore 7. hoopty ass $50,000 cars 8. being broke as fuck 9. chipped busted ass manicures 10. shit not going anywhere whew now that I've gotten that out of my system I'm sure I will start to feel better. After all I will be having the most fun party of my life tomorrow and all my friends will be there and everyone will love me and I will love everyone.

birthday sex

Today I am thirty, and though I feel as if I should complain... alas I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I do not feel old, I am not wrinkled, I am not without. The only feeling I have to today is the feeling of being blessed. From the very moment I woke up this morning I have felt nothing but love from the people around me. My son woke me up this morning with the best birthday hug I have ever experienced in all of my 30 years. So people keep asking me "how does it feel to be 30?" well to be honest it doesn't feel much different than 29. I keep trying to be still to see if something feels different, but fuck it doesn't. And to be honest I don't want it to. This last year I have met some of the most amazing people, people who I know will be in my life forever. People I love, people I am in love with. I'm not gonna lie I love birthdays! I always feel extra special on my birthday. I feel like everyone should be nice to me and love me. Those of you who know me well are probably thinking "this bitch feels like that everyday" well that's true but those of you who know me well know that that doesn't always happen. I know this year will be amazing I know big things are going to happen for me, I deserve it... every bit of it. Id also like to thank those people in my life who have made today and everyday for that matter extra good. I love you On that note... in the words of someone I am in love with. Today I will relax and focus on being a pimp. I also hope to cop me some birthday sex. heh happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

I dream of candy coated raindrops

takin it back... say something

Say it ain't so

Umm yeah by now you all know how I feel about latinas dying their hair blonde. What the shit is Kat Von D thinking? This is a major dissapointment to me. blondekat Here she is as she should be... kat

pee in the shower

Because apparently it saves water. This commercial is funny and i'm pretty sure Michael Jordan makes an appearance and King Kong too.

My new girl crush

Christini Ricci you are a fucking vixen. This bitch looks amazing, she's come a long way from Wednesday Addams for sure. If she ever met me she'd be in love with me too.... obviously christinaricci

cause i'm feeling this

I fucking love this shit

I cant remember if I've posted these before or not, but fuck man they crack me up every single time!

True words Tuesday

Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier Ooh-oo child, things'll be brighter Some day We'll put it together and we'll get it all done Some day When your head is much lighter Some day We'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun Some day When the world is much brighter Right now You just wait and see how things are gonna be Right now...

dear warped tour, you're the best i've ever had

why the fuck do these kids write all over themselves? Here is what I have decided about you and your kind: 1. Ultimately I heart you! woot woot! 2. 3oh!3 bubble time jump crowd surf sunglass kick storms are the most fun a girl can have. ever. ps. our new besties... who the hell were you? 3. I don't enjoy paying for a piece of paper. 4. VIP tents are legit... when not over capacity. 5. noon-10 makes for a long, hot, drunk, drugged, tired, exciting day. 6. nobody wants your fucking free hugs. 7. shits expensive and kids don't have credit cards... i didn't think that one through... ps. you owe angela some mula she 'lost' slash may or may not have left in my car. (please look for that shit) 8. hail can really hurt your knuckles and yes, jenna is a wussy. 9. pbr box hats are the best. 10. Broderick "big daddy" Pryor being the head of security is super legit 11. Who is Jac VanEk? she is us... 12. and finally......... yay for our first warped ever. you did not disappoint. even though we were total cougars. My Band Time Highlights... A. NOFX nofx mexican jokes, don't call me white... don't caaaaaall me white!, people letting me to the front cause i'm so short, shoes completely stuck to the floor, the camera man and his fanny pack, and of course... bob. B. SENSES FAIL senses fail talking ish about candy pop lame warped bands. everclear. 'chad' and that girl getting down... and by down I mean way the fuck down. singing in the fat ladies ear. whorebathing the unsuspecting asain kid in front of us. major water bottle throwage. songs from the dbv mix. and jenna...'shut up and sing slash i love you.' C. 3oh!3 3OH!3 bubble space circles. nat. 3oh!3 tattoos and hopefully website coverage! jumping. finding the sunglasses next to the turkey leg (and then being the most excited ever). the waterbottle rock arm extension. our new besties who make room for us, even if it means getting into a little scuffle. getting moshed up by white kids my sons age. whorebathing the unsuspecting extraordinarily tall white kids in front of little ol me. drops into rain into hail into my eyes covering our bodies. not trusting a hoe. The nights End naked car time. holy bobby pin search and rescue. traffic screaming. driving into street rivers. ribbits slash oinks in the drive thru. and dead aj... 'what happened to your dress... where did it go?' WORD. FUN. SIGH. mostly via jbunnybusiness

My friends are all bad

So aside from being some of dopest motherfuckers on the face of the fucking earth, my friends much like myself also have a bunch of shit to say all the time. So here is a list of my friends blogs/websites for your viewing pleasure. J Bunnny jbunnny She is one of my besties in the whole wide world. Shes mostly drunk all the time which is why I love her. Her blog is Bunny Business, she is hilarious most of the time. Lately she has alot of emotional shit to say. Basically cause her ex is a total bag of dicks, not her fault. Shes dope for sure, shes like a tall, white, drunk version of me... only not as cool. Zeb One zebediah Zeb is my favorite greaser ever! This dude has rockabilly seeping from his pores. I like Z because we have the same taste in almost everything from art to music. He is by far the sickest tattoo artist on the face of the earth. Most all of you have seen my amazing artwork by Zeb. He has recently opened his own shop on 22nd and Larimer Old Larimer Street tattoo, I cant even begin to describe how visually amazing this shop is. You can check his artwork at www.myspace.com/zebonekustom Next to being an amazing artist hes an amazing person. This dude has been through some gangster ass shit in his lifetime, he's def one NOT to be fucked with. Ask somebody Miss Rachel - popularlemons I have recently had the pleasure of meeting this amazing bitch. I feel like she's super legit for sure. She knows alot about hip hop and the local scene. My husband is in awe of her playlist. And this bitch has her sneaker game on fucking point! She has a pair of sneaks to match every fit in her closet. On Her blog Popular Lemonade you can read about a bunch of hip hop shit. She also has some more shit in the works so stay tuned, shits gonna be siiiiick! Heart you Rachel face! LARD Boys extragood Ok so these boys are dope for several reasons. i.e. they are all brown, they make la ropa mas fina, they are funny as fuck for sure and... well they are brown. I love to see young Chicanos doing something for the greater good, i'm just sayin. They are def purveyors of cool. LARD blog is on point for sure. If you live in the 303 you need to own one of their signature DEN-VER shirts. They have been a tremendous help to me while trying to get Whore bath off the ground. Dudes are super humble and chill and def extra good! Pistolero pistofresh This is my dude. He is the graph designer for whorebath right now. He has produced some sick shit for me to say the least. He is currently working as a tattoo apprentice cause that's his real passion. He has done alot of fucked up jobs in his life, so art is easy for this guy. Pisto started as a graffiti artist and b-boy back in the day. I think that helps anyone become an amazing artist. He can be super emo sometimes but I deal with it cause he's put in work for me for sure. And I can be super picky (and by picky I mean a total cunt rocket) about my designs, and he holds me down! Peep his art hes amaaaaaaazing! Chuck Steaks chucksteezy Ha this is by far one of the most comical motherfuckers I know. His blog Keep Me off Skid Row is mostly about straight up rap with some gangster shit thrown in. Chuck Steaks is a lyrical spitster himself, his shit is pretty dope. Dude has lived that's for sure. He has been through some shit you don't even want to imagine. This makes his lyrics real for sure. He's not one of those dudes that just spits some shit he knows nada about, he's fuckin been through it. You can check his music at www.myspace.com/chucksteaks Dude has a refreshing sense of humor despite everything his little ass has been through plus... he talks like a pimp. Denver Frank denverfrank Ha this dude is gangster as fuck. You can always catch him with a cold PBR in his hand. He is also a brown local designer his shit is called Denver Made, shit is sick. My fav Denver Frank piece is his "Fuck Champagne we drink Patron" shirt. He comes with some new shit every few months or so, so keep your ojos open mother fuckers. Denver Frank keeps his blog game on point along with his website you can order his shit through there too. So these are my peeps, show them some love. Buy their shit and follow their blogs they are all DOOOOPE! word

purple is my favorite color

Dude this song cracks me up. It's flippin awesome. I listen to it everyday and I'm still not really sure what its about. That's why I love it. I feel like it's on some cirque du soleil shit. I also like it cause some of my favorite things are purple. Like Grimace the big purple guy from McDonalds, bruises, grape flavored big league bubble gum, purple rain by prince, Larimer Street Tattoo, and the panties I am wearing today! I feel like this is a song that everyone needs in their iPod, its like a feel good song for sure. Also because dude has one of the flyest moostaches I have ever seen. Word to your dad.

Fuck Ed Hardy

Dude this is the funniest shit I have heard in a long time. Dirt Nasty puts it down hes one of my favs. I am so over the douches wearing this shit already. It is fucking ridiculous. These are the same dumbfucks that need to have D&G in big rhinestones on the side of their sunglasses, and have their collars popped. Oh and the stupid spikey hair with the chisled in hairline trying to look like the Gotti brothers. And girls honestly it's not cute anymore. Just cause it's expensive doesn't make it legit. Ok so stop with the bedazzled hats. Quit being clones and get some fucking steelo already. These idiots are a prime example: edhardy dumbfucks