dear warped tour, you're the best i've ever had

why the fuck do these kids write all over themselves? Here is what I have decided about you and your kind: 1. Ultimately I heart you! woot woot! 2. 3oh!3 bubble time jump crowd surf sunglass kick storms are the most fun a girl can have. ever. ps. our new besties... who the hell were you? 3. I don't enjoy paying for a piece of paper. 4. VIP tents are legit... when not over capacity. 5. noon-10 makes for a long, hot, drunk, drugged, tired, exciting day. 6. nobody wants your fucking free hugs. 7. shits expensive and kids don't have credit cards... i didn't think that one through... ps. you owe angela some mula she 'lost' slash may or may not have left in my car. (please look for that shit) 8. hail can really hurt your knuckles and yes, jenna is a wussy. 9. pbr box hats are the best. 10. Broderick "big daddy" Pryor being the head of security is super legit 11. Who is Jac VanEk? she is us... 12. and finally......... yay for our first warped ever. you did not disappoint. even though we were total cougars. My Band Time Highlights... A. NOFX nofx mexican jokes, don't call me white... don't caaaaaall me white!, people letting me to the front cause i'm so short, shoes completely stuck to the floor, the camera man and his fanny pack, and of course... bob. B. SENSES FAIL senses fail talking ish about candy pop lame warped bands. everclear. 'chad' and that girl getting down... and by down I mean way the fuck down. singing in the fat ladies ear. whorebathing the unsuspecting asain kid in front of us. major water bottle throwage. songs from the dbv mix. and jenna...'shut up and sing slash i love you.' C. 3oh!3 3OH!3 bubble space circles. nat. 3oh!3 tattoos and hopefully website coverage! jumping. finding the sunglasses next to the turkey leg (and then being the most excited ever). the waterbottle rock arm extension. our new besties who make room for us, even if it means getting into a little scuffle. getting moshed up by white kids my sons age. whorebathing the unsuspecting extraordinarily tall white kids in front of little ol me. drops into rain into hail into my eyes covering our bodies. not trusting a hoe. The nights End naked car time. holy bobby pin search and rescue. traffic screaming. driving into street rivers. ribbits slash oinks in the drive thru. and dead aj... 'what happened to your dress... where did it go?' WORD. FUN. SIGH. mostly via jbunnybusiness