Fuck Ed Hardy

Dude this is the funniest shit I have heard in a long time. Dirt Nasty puts it down hes one of my favs. I am so over the douches wearing this shit already. It is fucking ridiculous. These are the same dumbfucks that need to have D&G in big rhinestones on the side of their sunglasses, and have their collars popped. Oh and the stupid spikey hair with the chisled in hairline trying to look like the Gotti brothers. And girls honestly it's not cute anymore. Just cause it's expensive doesn't make it legit. Ok so stop with the bedazzled hats. Quit being clones and get some fucking steelo already. These idiots are a prime example: edhardy dumbfucks

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Pisto said...

The 3rd verse/ andy milanokis is fire. Fuck ed hardy shirts not the artist. Not to mention every dick I ever met rockin that shit doesn't have tattoos and never will. Do your homework clowns and learn about who hardy really was.