friday's fucket list

fucketjohnny because for some reason I'm feeling like this today. I guess yesterday was just an overload of amazingness and I'm coming down from a birthday high. so on that note FUCK the following things 1. having a.d.d. and not having adderall 2. people forgetting that it was my birthday 3. new lady with her stupid shoes and hair making more work for me when I obviously have a.d.d. 4. ex dumb fuck loser boyfriends weaseling their slimy way back in 5. not losing any weight in time for my party 6. being sore 7. hoopty ass $50,000 cars 8. being broke as fuck 9. chipped busted ass manicures 10. shit not going anywhere whew now that I've gotten that out of my system I'm sure I will start to feel better. After all I will be having the most fun party of my life tomorrow and all my friends will be there and everyone will love me and I will love everyone.

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