My friends are all bad

So aside from being some of dopest motherfuckers on the face of the fucking earth, my friends much like myself also have a bunch of shit to say all the time. So here is a list of my friends blogs/websites for your viewing pleasure. J Bunnny jbunnny She is one of my besties in the whole wide world. Shes mostly drunk all the time which is why I love her. Her blog is Bunny Business, she is hilarious most of the time. Lately she has alot of emotional shit to say. Basically cause her ex is a total bag of dicks, not her fault. Shes dope for sure, shes like a tall, white, drunk version of me... only not as cool. Zeb One zebediah Zeb is my favorite greaser ever! This dude has rockabilly seeping from his pores. I like Z because we have the same taste in almost everything from art to music. He is by far the sickest tattoo artist on the face of the earth. Most all of you have seen my amazing artwork by Zeb. He has recently opened his own shop on 22nd and Larimer Old Larimer Street tattoo, I cant even begin to describe how visually amazing this shop is. You can check his artwork at Next to being an amazing artist hes an amazing person. This dude has been through some gangster ass shit in his lifetime, he's def one NOT to be fucked with. Ask somebody Miss Rachel - popularlemons I have recently had the pleasure of meeting this amazing bitch. I feel like she's super legit for sure. She knows alot about hip hop and the local scene. My husband is in awe of her playlist. And this bitch has her sneaker game on fucking point! She has a pair of sneaks to match every fit in her closet. On Her blog Popular Lemonade you can read about a bunch of hip hop shit. She also has some more shit in the works so stay tuned, shits gonna be siiiiick! Heart you Rachel face! LARD Boys extragood Ok so these boys are dope for several reasons. i.e. they are all brown, they make la ropa mas fina, they are funny as fuck for sure and... well they are brown. I love to see young Chicanos doing something for the greater good, i'm just sayin. They are def purveyors of cool. LARD blog is on point for sure. If you live in the 303 you need to own one of their signature DEN-VER shirts. They have been a tremendous help to me while trying to get Whore bath off the ground. Dudes are super humble and chill and def extra good! Pistolero pistofresh This is my dude. He is the graph designer for whorebath right now. He has produced some sick shit for me to say the least. He is currently working as a tattoo apprentice cause that's his real passion. He has done alot of fucked up jobs in his life, so art is easy for this guy. Pisto started as a graffiti artist and b-boy back in the day. I think that helps anyone become an amazing artist. He can be super emo sometimes but I deal with it cause he's put in work for me for sure. And I can be super picky (and by picky I mean a total cunt rocket) about my designs, and he holds me down! Peep his art hes amaaaaaaazing! Chuck Steaks chucksteezy Ha this is by far one of the most comical motherfuckers I know. His blog Keep Me off Skid Row is mostly about straight up rap with some gangster shit thrown in. Chuck Steaks is a lyrical spitster himself, his shit is pretty dope. Dude has lived that's for sure. He has been through some shit you don't even want to imagine. This makes his lyrics real for sure. He's not one of those dudes that just spits some shit he knows nada about, he's fuckin been through it. You can check his music at Dude has a refreshing sense of humor despite everything his little ass has been through plus... he talks like a pimp. Denver Frank denverfrank Ha this dude is gangster as fuck. You can always catch him with a cold PBR in his hand. He is also a brown local designer his shit is called Denver Made, shit is sick. My fav Denver Frank piece is his "Fuck Champagne we drink Patron" shirt. He comes with some new shit every few months or so, so keep your ojos open mother fuckers. Denver Frank keeps his blog game on point along with his website you can order his shit through there too. So these are my peeps, show them some love. Buy their shit and follow their blogs they are all DOOOOPE! word

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