Inked Fridays

So one of my bestie best girlies Veronica is walking in this show on Friday. She's amazing and beautiful for sure! I know she will kill it, cause she rocks the shit outta every show she's in! Bitch is fierce. There will be good music, dope clothes, and hot chicks, win win win. The best thing about this show in my opinion is the girls will be body painted be the amazing artist Voice 1! Even though the ink is temporary, art is art in my opinion and will without a doubt be dooope! So everybody go here on Friday, it'll be good times, after all i'll be there :) Oh and anything that Certified is a part of promises to be fresh to death. word. inkedfridys ps. It's also Ebony's birthday this night and she doesn't go out or drink or anything, so this will be a rare event, like spotting big foot or loch ness or some shit like that. That's another good reason to come.

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