Some shit that i'm stoked for

So I have been waiting a while for these to come around, and the time is super close! First: Zombieland!! Fuck yes, I cant wait for this one. I love zombie movies! Hopefully its comparable to Shaun of the Dead, cause that shit was hilarious! Zombieland comes out on October 2nd. woot! 2nd: Where The Wild Things Are. This was one of my fav books ever when I was small. I can never get tired of it ever! Now my son loves it too so that makes me happy, it also means I will have a buddy to watch the movie with! This one comes out October 16th. Last but mosdef not least: Alice in Wonderland. This movie will forever remind me of Jenna. Getting lost in a room full of doors. ha. This one i'll have to wait a bit longer for it doesn't come out till March 2010, but Tim Burton NEVER disappoints and i'm sure it'll be worth the wait!

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Miss Rachel said...

i'm super geeked to see all of these. movie date nights will happen.