Me and my son are bored out of our minds, so I did this. Inspired by Jewels Gray. word!

Zombie Prom Recap

Well as I predicted Zombie Prom was motherfucking epic! I am still in a zombified euphoric state! Oh man if you missed this party, you should kick yourself directly in the mouth. We gave away so much free shit it was ridiculous! I have been to a ton of costume parties but this one took the crown! Everyone’s costumes were super sick. I left the house thinking I was totally zombified, but when I got there I had nothing on some of these motherfuckers!
If you missed it, don't fret I feel a lot more sick parties coming your way courtesy of Ink Monstr, Larimer Street Tattoo and Whorebath Clothing. And there’s always next year’s Zombie Prom!
So I would like to take a moment to shout out our sponsors who made this event a huge success!
PBR and 42 Below Vodka for the booze, Red Bull for the wings, Soap Point Graphics, Snowboard Magazine, and SoGnar for the gnarly free shit and amazing sick promotion, Preston Utley Photography for the dopest photo booth which was the highlight of the party, (and later burned). DJ Bitwise for the extra dope music that kept the dance floor packed until the lights came on, Of course Old Larimer Street Tattoo for generously donating $300 in free tattoos to the event, not to mention climbing on great big ladders to hang streamers and blowing up 140 balloons! Also for providing security. ha! You guys fucking rock socks!
Of course a big huge tremendous XO to Reed and all the boys at the Ink Monstr warehouse for hosting and helping me to plan the most epic party of the motherfucking year!
So if you fucked up and missed the party here are a few pics to rub it in, and if you were there well... you already know. Word to your mom.

Don't Forget

ZOMBIE PROM!!!!! This shit is tomorrow! Be there, cause it'll be fucking epic for sure! word!

pics I heart today

More zombie shit...

Ok ok i'm obsessed I know. I found this website where you can upload your pic and make yourself a zombie! Me and my son messed with this for hours it is hilarious! It's called Zombify Yourself you gotta try this shit! Here is me and my mini all zombie faced!

Zombie Makeup Time!

Sorry I haven't had a bunch of shit to say lately, i've been busy. Gimmie a fucking break! Anyway this weekend is ZOMBIE PROM! I'm so stoked for this party! It's going to be amazing! So this will be a busy makeup weekend for me. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my Saturday is completly booked! So I am posting a few pics and some easy tips on DIY zombie makeup.
Zombie makeup is super easy all you really need is black makeup, white makeup and some blood. You can find this ish at any costume store. You should apply white to your entire face and neck not like solid white but kinda see through white, I would suggest a white powder and NOT grease paint cause that shit is just too messy. You can even use baby powder if you're too fucking cheap to buy some legit shit. Then just add the black in under your eyes and right below your cheek bones, also at your temples to create a sunken effect. You wanna blend it so its not solid black but kinda grey. If you have dark brown or grey eye shadow you can use that too. I'm a fan of stitches so if you have a plain black eye pencil you can add the stitches anywhere. The sell stick on ones too at Halloween and makeup stores too for like $4. They go on just like temporary tattoos. Add a shit ton of blood around your mouth and down your neck and call it good. Theres obviously some more serious shit you can do, but this is the easy route.  You can also look on youtube for zombie makeup tutorials and there are some decent ones.
If all this is too difficult for you... then give my girls over at Make Up Mania a call 303-433-3400, they will hook you up zombie style for sure! They are all amazing artists and LOVE doing Halloween makeup! They will be booking up fast so make an appointment asap! Tell them The Gen sent you!
Heres a  few pics of some zombie shit I did last year. These are  obviously girls, and I never like to make girls look super scary so this is kinda zombie glam:

Fuck Yeah Zombies

Well boys and girls the time has arrived! This will be the motherfucking party of the year! If you miss it, I feel sorry for you! My love for zombies and parties has given birth to this...... ZOMBIE PROM!!!! So pull out your prom dress and tux and brains and guts and get your dead ass to ZOMBIE PROM! Free beer and vodka cocktails all night DJ Bitwise on the tables and super dope prizes from Old Larimer Street Tattoo and the ever so fresh Whorebath Clothing will be given to Prom King and Queen along with the runners up. All I can say is that it's gonna be a super fun night of debauchery and mayhem, so be there or fuck off! A special thanks also to Reed at Ink Monstr for hosting the event! And all of our other wonderful sponsors! hearts

Yay for October!

I think i'm finally getting into the Halloween spirit! I'm so excited for Halloween this year for several reasons:
A) My son is 9 this year and he is ready to fucking go! He will be a warewolf this year, he gets to wear a mask which makes him so super stoked cause I never let him wear a mask before. (yeah i'm that mom)
B) Zombie Prom!!!!! This party will be fucking epic, everybody needs to be there. Just sayin.
C) Devil Doll is coming! This will be the best show of my life. I can feel it!
D) Halloween music makes me so happy inside. I can listen to the sickest most morbid songs and feel ok about it.
Maybe tonight I will put up Halloween decorations with mini. He's sick so that'd pry make him a happy boy.
So yay for Halloween and October and here are some of my favorite Halloween songs. Formerly of the DBV mix (which we found out never even existed in the first place smh):

This is freakin ultimate Halloween Song, and no one does scary like Manson himself.

This is a sweet/sick song. The lyrics fuckin crack me up

And this one is a fucking classic!

I'd post thriller, but duh thats everyones fav Halloween song.


So today in honor of the Rockies and the playoffs etc. the mayor declared it "Wear Purple Day". Personally I feel like he should be doing some more important shit like cutting taxes, but we fucking elected the dude, so whattya gonna do. With great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility of telling your city to wear purple.
You all know how I feel about purple... I fucking love it, and I love a whole day where everyone is wearing it. So yay for purple and yay for the Rockies!

And here is one of my all time fav songs. I listen to it everyday, but today it is super fitting.

haha and this is a fucking classic!

and this, is one of my new sexy favs!

I'm into having sex i'm not into makin love

I'm on some dirty girl shit today. It must be the weather. Whatevs My fav Devil Doll... of course. This song is freakin hot. Taking it back with The Cramps. This video cracks me up, but the lyrics are spot on. And no one does filthy like Khia. She just puts it all our there, no filter. Gotta love that.

Oh Doris...

You nailed it..

New shoes

I don't care what anyone says, nothing makes a girl feel better than a new pair of shoes. I'm not talking shoes you need, I'm talking shoes you want, shoes you must have. The shoes that you spend your last $100 on. I have recently been a bit down in the dumps (story of my life) but today I feel good....scratch that, today I feel amazing! I contribute this feeling of amazement to my new shoes! They are by far the best thing that's happened to me in the last two weeks. Now this may sound a bit shallow, but the thing is, a confidence boost can come from the most random of places. For me it comes from new shoes. My feet hurt a bit and I'm still trying to break them in..... but today, I am a fucking vixen. fuckingvixen


I'm on my Transplants shit. This little group is dope for sure. The homie Zeb turned me on to them a while ago. They do a bunch of collabos with some pretty legit old school cats. I pretty much like every song ive heard from them. I like this song cause it has an old school lowrider feel to it. It features Boo Ya, and Skinhead Rob. You will heart them.


I meant to blog this last week, but I forgot. So my dude Kimbo lost last week, but he still looked good. It's not like he got knocked out or anything, pretty much dude just laid on him till they stopped the fight. Kimbo just needs to work on his ground game, cause no one can stand up with him. I was never really a huge fan but this seasons Ultimate Fighter changed my mind. Dude is humble, he doesn't want to be a super star and he doesn't talk all kinds of shit like most fighters these days. Like he said on last weeks episode "I'm a normal guy, I just like to fight". I predict that he'll be back and we will see him fight again this season. I'd like to see him win. Oh and Rampage gave himself a Kimo haircut, which was the some of the funniest shit i've seen! Here is a vid that gives you an idea of where he came from. Dude was street fighting for money before most of these big mouth MMA cats even knew what was up.

I love Blow

I saw this shit on the news this morning. Just some more shit to make parents mad, yada yada. I personally think its flippin hilarious! The marketing is obviously getting attention, whether its good or bad it's working. So this new energy drink mix called BLOW comes in a little plastic vile of white powder. Kinda like Crystal Light only way more hardcore. It is even packaged with a BLOW credit card and a little mirror to do the chopping. So I guess you chop it up just like the real thing and pour it into your water.It's supposed to give you more energy than 3 Red Bulls. Of course it has not been approved by the FDA (duh). I guess it's super hard to find, and will probably be banned soon, so it's doubtful you'll ever ever see it in stores. Nevertheless it made me chuckle. It also left me wondering if i'm a bad parent because i'm not outraged about the shit? Whatevs I guess the parents who are all pissed must have dumb fucks for kids. I'm pretty sure my kid knows the diff between right and wrong and can make good choices for himself. It's the way he was raised... just sayin. iloveblow

I'm feeling old school today

I'm feeling this 80's shit today. I'll probably be on some new shit tomorrow, so stay tuned. Hearts bitches!