Fuck Yeah Zombies

Well boys and girls the time has arrived! This will be the motherfucking party of the year! If you miss it, I feel sorry for you! My love for zombies and parties has given birth to this...... ZOMBIE PROM!!!! So pull out your prom dress and tux and brains and guts and get your dead ass to ZOMBIE PROM! Free beer and vodka cocktails all night DJ Bitwise on the tables and super dope prizes from Old Larimer Street Tattoo and the ever so fresh Whorebath Clothing will be given to Prom King and Queen along with the runners up. All I can say is that it's gonna be a super fun night of debauchery and mayhem, so be there or fuck off! A special thanks also to Reed at Ink Monstr for hosting the event! And all of our other wonderful sponsors! hearts

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Pen Pen said...

A night of magic and love!