I love Blow

I saw this shit on the news this morning. Just some more shit to make parents mad, yada yada. I personally think its flippin hilarious! The marketing is obviously getting attention, whether its good or bad it's working. So this new energy drink mix called BLOW comes in a little plastic vile of white powder. Kinda like Crystal Light only way more hardcore. It is even packaged with a BLOW credit card and a little mirror to do the chopping. So I guess you chop it up just like the real thing and pour it into your water.It's supposed to give you more energy than 3 Red Bulls. Of course it has not been approved by the FDA (duh). I guess it's super hard to find, and will probably be banned soon, so it's doubtful you'll ever ever see it in stores. Nevertheless it made me chuckle. It also left me wondering if i'm a bad parent because i'm not outraged about the shit? Whatevs I guess the parents who are all pissed must have dumb fucks for kids. I'm pretty sure my kid knows the diff between right and wrong and can make good choices for himself. It's the way he was raised... just sayin. iloveblow

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J Bunny. said...

bahaha i saw this as well... on the duce of course. i think its hilarious and really wish i had some. makes me laugh. so many people were outraged. apparently, i laugh at outrage!