I meant to blog this last week, but I forgot. So my dude Kimbo lost last week, but he still looked good. It's not like he got knocked out or anything, pretty much dude just laid on him till they stopped the fight. Kimbo just needs to work on his ground game, cause no one can stand up with him. I was never really a huge fan but this seasons Ultimate Fighter changed my mind. Dude is humble, he doesn't want to be a super star and he doesn't talk all kinds of shit like most fighters these days. Like he said on last weeks episode "I'm a normal guy, I just like to fight". I predict that he'll be back and we will see him fight again this season. I'd like to see him win. Oh and Rampage gave himself a Kimo haircut, which was the some of the funniest shit i've seen! Here is a vid that gives you an idea of where he came from. Dude was street fighting for money before most of these big mouth MMA cats even knew what was up.

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