Yay for October!

I think i'm finally getting into the Halloween spirit! I'm so excited for Halloween this year for several reasons:
A) My son is 9 this year and he is ready to fucking go! He will be a warewolf this year, he gets to wear a mask which makes him so super stoked cause I never let him wear a mask before. (yeah i'm that mom)
B) Zombie Prom!!!!! This party will be fucking epic, everybody needs to be there. Just sayin.
C) Devil Doll is coming! This will be the best show of my life. I can feel it!
D) Halloween music makes me so happy inside. I can listen to the sickest most morbid songs and feel ok about it.
Maybe tonight I will put up Halloween decorations with mini. He's sick so that'd pry make him a happy boy.
So yay for Halloween and October and here are some of my favorite Halloween songs. Formerly of the DBV mix (which we found out never even existed in the first place smh):

This is freakin ultimate Halloween Song, and no one does scary like Manson himself.

This is a sweet/sick song. The lyrics fuckin crack me up

And this one is a fucking classic!

I'd post thriller, but duh thats everyones fav Halloween song.

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Pen Pen said...

Ur missing 'Living Dead Girl' by Rob Zombie! For Reals!