Zombie Makeup Time!

Sorry I haven't had a bunch of shit to say lately, i've been busy. Gimmie a fucking break! Anyway this weekend is ZOMBIE PROM! I'm so stoked for this party! It's going to be amazing! So this will be a busy makeup weekend for me. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my Saturday is completly booked! So I am posting a few pics and some easy tips on DIY zombie makeup.
Zombie makeup is super easy all you really need is black makeup, white makeup and some blood. You can find this ish at any costume store. You should apply white to your entire face and neck not like solid white but kinda see through white, I would suggest a white powder and NOT grease paint cause that shit is just too messy. You can even use baby powder if you're too fucking cheap to buy some legit shit. Then just add the black in under your eyes and right below your cheek bones, also at your temples to create a sunken effect. You wanna blend it so its not solid black but kinda grey. If you have dark brown or grey eye shadow you can use that too. I'm a fan of stitches so if you have a plain black eye pencil you can add the stitches anywhere. The sell stick on ones too at Halloween and makeup stores too for like $4. They go on just like temporary tattoos. Add a shit ton of blood around your mouth and down your neck and call it good. Theres obviously some more serious shit you can do, but this is the easy route.  You can also look on youtube for zombie makeup tutorials and there are some decent ones.
If all this is too difficult for you... then give my girls over at Make Up Mania a call 303-433-3400, they will hook you up zombie style for sure! They are all amazing artists and LOVE doing Halloween makeup! They will be booking up fast so make an appointment asap! Tell them The Gen sent you!
Heres a  few pics of some zombie shit I did last year. These are  obviously girls, and I never like to make girls look super scary so this is kinda zombie glam:

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