Zombie Prom Recap

Well as I predicted Zombie Prom was motherfucking epic! I am still in a zombified euphoric state! Oh man if you missed this party, you should kick yourself directly in the mouth. We gave away so much free shit it was ridiculous! I have been to a ton of costume parties but this one took the crown! Everyone’s costumes were super sick. I left the house thinking I was totally zombified, but when I got there I had nothing on some of these motherfuckers!
If you missed it, don't fret I feel a lot more sick parties coming your way courtesy of Ink Monstr, Larimer Street Tattoo and Whorebath Clothing. And there’s always next year’s Zombie Prom!
So I would like to take a moment to shout out our sponsors who made this event a huge success!
PBR and 42 Below Vodka for the booze, Red Bull for the wings, Soap Point Graphics, Snowboard Magazine, and SoGnar for the gnarly free shit and amazing sick promotion, Preston Utley Photography for the dopest photo booth which was the highlight of the party, (and later burned). DJ Bitwise for the extra dope music that kept the dance floor packed until the lights came on, Of course Old Larimer Street Tattoo for generously donating $300 in free tattoos to the event, not to mention climbing on great big ladders to hang streamers and blowing up 140 balloons! Also for providing security. ha! You guys fucking rock socks!
Of course a big huge tremendous XO to Reed and all the boys at the Ink Monstr warehouse for hosting and helping me to plan the most epic party of the motherfucking year!
So if you fucked up and missed the party here are a few pics to rub it in, and if you were there well... you already know. Word to your mom.

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