I lean like a chola....

Dude Lopez Tonight is my new favorite show! I'm not fucking with Leno anymore. On last nights show he gave Sandra Bullock a chola makeover, shit was freakin hilarious. She was a good sport she got into character y todo. It was all bad.

Which then reminded me of this chola vid from a while back.

I love these bitches....... and I still draw on my eyebrows.. Y Que!?

What comes before part-B???

Part-A!!!!! Ghheeeyeah boi! Ya'll cant miss this one! This Saturday 11.28 at Shag! Popular Lemonade presents The Four Horsemen Collaboration. Shit will be dope for sure! Drink Specials, Dope DJ's (DJ LaZyEyez & DJ LowKey) and not to mention a free limited edition tee, from the sick minds of LARD, Whorebath, DenverFrank, & Filthe.
So be there of fuck off. Word...

Somedays I sit and wish I was a kid again...

Ohhhh color me all bad bud!(northside accent) This one takes me back to the days when we used to shop at Merry Go Round for 2 for $50 IOU sweatshirts. We'd rock em with our Nike Cortez' and a matching scrunchie. Then we'd roll to Elitches..... no, not Six Flags, Elitches the OG one on 38th. Most of the time we would end up getting in a fight and get kicked out only to return the next weekend ready for more. Gheeeah! Shouts to my girl Germania she's been my roll dog since Color me Badd days!
Man let me tell you, if I could go back I would. The most serious shit I had to worry about was getting the lines in my eyebrows straight. Pshhh

Tattoo time update...

New ink looks amazing.... duh! I got leopard spots on my arm, cause i'm a fan of them. They are just black, i'll post a pic when they heal up. They currently hurt and are a little red.
Next up on the list elbow spiderweb time cause its super BA and mostly I do what I want.

Tattoo time...

This weekend I will get fresh ink! My mother will hate it and I will love it. One step closer to completing my sleeve. It will be amazing and everyone will love it. Soon I will run away and join the circus with all my tattoos. Then I will not have to deal with the realities of life. Oh the thinks I can think up if only I try!

lord of the flies

Recently in our offices at work there has been a mysterious infestation of flies. No one knows where the fuck they are coming from. Not like hundreds but a good 10 or 15 a day. And they are those big, extra slow flies. I credit the new lady for this recent fly population increase on a count of she smells kinda funny.
The prez of the company,(you know the guy who gets paid a shit load of money and you're still not sure what the fuck he does)is obsessed with finding and killing all of the flies. So that’s what he does all day. He looks for them and swats them only to find that more have returned in their place. It's like those alien movies where you kill the thing and the alien corpse produces two more aliens. My office is down the hall from his and I can hear him talking about the flies all day(and by all day I mean from 11-4, those are his hours). Anyone who makes the mistake of calling into his office will hear about the flies for a good 15 minutes.
I almost feel like this is some sort of office prank just to see what'll happen. Like that time they shrink wrapped my entire desk. Or when we emptied the paper shredder on some dudes rollie chair so when he pulled it out the shreds of paper got all over.
So i'm anxious to see what the real story is behind this disgusting yet intriguing fly infestation. Stay tuned...
But like I said before.... probably the new lady.

ps. I thought flies only were around in the summer?

dirt naaaaasty

As a girl I probably shouldn't like this, but fuck it I can't help it. This dudes shit never gets old to me. He makes me giggle, plus he rolls with Andy Milonakis. This one's in my workout mix. Say something...

The moustache mafia...

Those of you that know Bunnny & The General, know of our obsession with moustaches. We think they are hilarious! We even contemplated getting moustache tattoos on our fingers, but decided against the idea. So in my search for a Christmas gag gift for my bestie I discovered that her and I are apparently not the only ones with this strange obsession. I found a shit ton of moustache paraphernalia on the webernet for purchase! I love every last fucking bit of it and want to buy it all up this very minute!

The moustache mirror decals$4.99. From Sprocket Box

The moustache salt & pepper shakers $24. They come apart at the center. From: PaperDoll Woodshop

The moustache drinking glasses $20. From Kimay

The giant moustache pillow. A necessity if you ask me. From Plush Butt $13

Moustache magnets $10.99. From Little Angels

Moustache cuff links $11.99. A must have for every mans wardrobe. From Little Angels

Moustache Party Pack $10.50. From Cannibal Crafts

The Moustache necklace $8.95. From RockaBella Boutique.

There's soooo much more than this it's crazy what people come up with these days. Apparently moustache parties are big now too. I guess it's just a party where everyone rocks a moustache? Sounds like a good time to me! Maybe that'll be my next theme part-a.......

PS. Mustache mafia por vida

Dear Bunnny....... I'm sorry

As I was driving to work this morning puffing on a Djarum black, (yes I was smoking because I fucking needed it today... don't judge me) I was thinking about my bestie Bunnny, and how she is now, thanks to me completely addicted to smoking.
It all started on one sunny lunch hour two years ago. I suggested that she try some of my cigarette, she'd never smoked before so she did that thing where she didn't inhale and just blew it out. So I proceeded to teach her how to inhale. Her life has never been the same since. After this day we managed to purchase every flavor of cigar and cigarette at the Smoker Friendly shop. We even tried smoking straight up indian tobacco and smoked it out of a pipe like Sherlock Holmes. Side note: Don't ever try that shit it's fucking disgusting, I don't know how Hef handles that mess. So after sampling all of the varieties the tobacco store had to offer, we settled on Djarum blacks a delicious clove cigarette. Which also happens to be where the idea for the black whorebath cig came to life (yes people there is meaning behind the logo)
Recently the government passed a law to ban flavored tobacco which included our precious Djarums. Side note: Dear government please concentrate on the important shit that our country has going on and keep your meddling ass off my flavored cigs. Thanks. So while they still sell blacks they are not nearly as delicious as they were before, which I guess is prob better cause i'm less likely to smoke as much (unless its warped tour all day concert rock hands time). Bunny on the other hand has been on a constant search to find a cancer stick as fulfilling as our beloved blacks.
So to my dear sweet Bunnny as I watch you in your everyday struggle, I want you to know how truly sorry I am to have hooked you on such a deadly and delicious substance. I know you would have been just fine with the whiskey/cocaine addiction that you already had. (joke...kinda) "haha my word will be WHiskey"
Here's to us Bun and our sick addictions, of which cigarettes are the least damaging to our overall well being...

Please note that I am not attempting to glamorize smoking in anyway. That shit is bad for you and will fucking kill you. Word

because this is funny to me....

this is for Rach, she's the grammar police...

I want this today. I want to be somewhere else... laughing

Oh Maybelline.... you whore

Drug Lord Theme Park??

Forget Cancun or Hawaii, our next family vacation will be to the South American Jungle!
It's official the late Pablo Ecobar, the most powerful drug lord of all time has his own theme park. Developers have turned his former residence in the South American Jungle into a theme park in his honor. The park includes a bull fighting ring, concrete dinosaurs a zoo, and his untouched bullet-ridden villa where he was killed by police in 1993. The walls of his mansion are decorated with Escobars wanted posters and news articles. There is even a huge framed picture of Escobars body just after he was killed by police... Classy! The entrance to park is adorned with the actual plane used to smuggle drugs into the United States.
Escobar was once the 10th richest man in the world selling over 80% of the worlds cocaine. He apparently used his money to build this "Neverland" of sorts. Dude was a bad ass for sure, he is rumored to have killed over 4,000 people including police officials and presidential candidates.
Even from beyond the grave he is still ballin. And they say crime doesn't pay! Pshhh

Come on Christmas Bonus!

So, I am patiently awaiting my Holiday bonus this year (if I get one that is) Now I know its supposed to go toward buying gifts... but I see no harm in a few small self splurges. Here is whats on my list...so far that is.

The blood puddle pillow, cause I think its fucking cool and I'm morbid like that.

This knuckle duster ring from Alexander McQueen. It also comes as a clutch for the low low price of $1,100

These extra bad ass finger moustache gloves. Me and Bunnny will rock the shit outta these gloves.

This neck collar from Tattered Malion. I think its dope and I'd rock it. Don't judge me.

These are hilarious to me. I'd have real tattoos like this if I didn't work for "the man". From perpetual kid, this site has the coolest shit ever!

This dress is from Stop Staring and I want it extra bad. Their shit is expensive but so dope! This will be my Christmas dress. Maybe i'll wear it with my new collar? hmmm

And last but not least these shoes from Michael Kors. He makes the best, hottest shit ever! Maybe these will go with my dress/collar ensemble. Yes