Come on Christmas Bonus!

So, I am patiently awaiting my Holiday bonus this year (if I get one that is) Now I know its supposed to go toward buying gifts... but I see no harm in a few small self splurges. Here is whats on my far that is.

The blood puddle pillow, cause I think its fucking cool and I'm morbid like that.

This knuckle duster ring from Alexander McQueen. It also comes as a clutch for the low low price of $1,100

These extra bad ass finger moustache gloves. Me and Bunnny will rock the shit outta these gloves.

This neck collar from Tattered Malion. I think its dope and I'd rock it. Don't judge me.

These are hilarious to me. I'd have real tattoos like this if I didn't work for "the man". From perpetual kid, this site has the coolest shit ever!

This dress is from Stop Staring and I want it extra bad. Their shit is expensive but so dope! This will be my Christmas dress. Maybe i'll wear it with my new collar? hmmm

And last but not least these shoes from Michael Kors. He makes the best, hottest shit ever! Maybe these will go with my dress/collar ensemble. Yes

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J Bunny. said...

yayayaya for gloves and temp hand tattoos!!!! lets get these stat! and by get i mean make and order. yayaya. ps. i heart when you blog. please do it more often. thanks.