Drug Lord Theme Park??

Forget Cancun or Hawaii, our next family vacation will be to the South American Jungle!
It's official the late Pablo Ecobar, the most powerful drug lord of all time has his own theme park. Developers have turned his former residence in the South American Jungle into a theme park in his honor. The park includes a bull fighting ring, concrete dinosaurs a zoo, and his untouched bullet-ridden villa where he was killed by police in 1993. The walls of his mansion are decorated with Escobars wanted posters and news articles. There is even a huge framed picture of Escobars body just after he was killed by police... Classy! The entrance to park is adorned with the actual plane used to smuggle drugs into the United States.
Escobar was once the 10th richest man in the world selling over 80% of the worlds cocaine. He apparently used his money to build this "Neverland" of sorts. Dude was a bad ass for sure, he is rumored to have killed over 4,000 people including police officials and presidential candidates.
Even from beyond the grave he is still ballin. And they say crime doesn't pay! Pshhh

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