lord of the flies

Recently in our offices at work there has been a mysterious infestation of flies. No one knows where the fuck they are coming from. Not like hundreds but a good 10 or 15 a day. And they are those big, extra slow flies. I credit the new lady for this recent fly population increase on a count of she smells kinda funny.
The prez of the company,(you know the guy who gets paid a shit load of money and you're still not sure what the fuck he does)is obsessed with finding and killing all of the flies. So that’s what he does all day. He looks for them and swats them only to find that more have returned in their place. It's like those alien movies where you kill the thing and the alien corpse produces two more aliens. My office is down the hall from his and I can hear him talking about the flies all day(and by all day I mean from 11-4, those are his hours). Anyone who makes the mistake of calling into his office will hear about the flies for a good 15 minutes.
I almost feel like this is some sort of office prank just to see what'll happen. Like that time they shrink wrapped my entire desk. Or when we emptied the paper shredder on some dudes rollie chair so when he pulled it out the shreds of paper got all over.
So i'm anxious to see what the real story is behind this disgusting yet intriguing fly infestation. Stay tuned...
But like I said before.... probably the new lady.

ps. I thought flies only were around in the summer?

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