The moustache mafia...

Those of you that know Bunnny & The General, know of our obsession with moustaches. We think they are hilarious! We even contemplated getting moustache tattoos on our fingers, but decided against the idea. So in my search for a Christmas gag gift for my bestie I discovered that her and I are apparently not the only ones with this strange obsession. I found a shit ton of moustache paraphernalia on the webernet for purchase! I love every last fucking bit of it and want to buy it all up this very minute!

The moustache mirror decals$4.99. From Sprocket Box

The moustache salt & pepper shakers $24. They come apart at the center. From: PaperDoll Woodshop

The moustache drinking glasses $20. From Kimay

The giant moustache pillow. A necessity if you ask me. From Plush Butt $13

Moustache magnets $10.99. From Little Angels

Moustache cuff links $11.99. A must have for every mans wardrobe. From Little Angels

Moustache Party Pack $10.50. From Cannibal Crafts

The Moustache necklace $8.95. From RockaBella Boutique.

There's soooo much more than this it's crazy what people come up with these days. Apparently moustache parties are big now too. I guess it's just a party where everyone rocks a moustache? Sounds like a good time to me! Maybe that'll be my next theme part-a.......

PS. Mustache mafia por vida

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J Bunny. said...

Fucking Hilarious. We need them all stat!