just another manic monday

because its Monday and I hate Mondays.... I will make a list of things I heart. This will make me feel better.

♥ my mini
♥ dead aj
♥ my familia
♥ lip gloss
♥ stilettos
♥ Bunny and The General
♥ tattoos
♥ eyelashes
♥ big G and lower case g
♥ french kisses
♥ music
♥ wearing flowers in my hair
♥ hwhiskey
♥ whorebath
♥ genchel
♥ my mac book
♥ blogging and tweeting
♥ adderall
♥ summer time wine drinking and cigar smoking
♥ tights
♥ parties
♥ sauce
♥ dresses
♥ greasers
♥ badluck bettie
♥ La Loma with the besties
♥ Christmas lights
♥ concerts with bun blaze
♥ arroz con leche
♥ drinking ice cold water right after I brush my teeth
♥ Christmas tree snuggle time
♥ echo kisses
I heart a lot more, but this is all for now.


J Bunny. said...

I totally heart:

-big G and lower case g... also minus n. cant wait for the revised logo!
-3oh!3 hail storm jump parties round dos (screw everyone else)
-xmas snuggles are romanitc. bahaha.


Germaine said...

Hahah Big G and Lower case G heart Jbunzzzooo's & Mi Generalia too! WORD TO YOUR MOTHER's LOVER!

Miss Rachel said...