Pop Pop...

Well the Popular Lemonade Four Horseman party was pretty much fucking epic... as expected. The tees came out extra dope thanks to the madd motherfucking skills of The LARD boys and Filthe. So can I get a motherfuckin moment of silence for these super proper kids...
Miss Rachel: Ahh where do I start? Well first off this bitch is not only one of my best friends in the world, but shes super dope! Props for putting this whole thing together. The Denver scene def wouldnt be the same without her or Popular Lemonade.
LARD Boys: Trust. These dudes are extra good to say the least. Good friends, and heavy heavy hitters in the fashion game. Shouts for thier madd graphic design skills
Denver Frank: Ha my friend who can never be caught without a cold PBR in his hand! Thanks so much for all the hard work promoting this event, couldnt have dome it without you!
Filthe: Well he's pretty much familia at this point. I even have to buy him special burgers when he comes to my BBQs. He's even got my 9 year old rockin his shit! He tackled the huge job of printing all the tees, which believe is no small task! Big ups!
I had so much fucking fun! I could barely walk the next day. Mostly due to the fact I was forced to rock 5inch heels all night with no other options! Rachel got off easy rockin dunks all night HA! If you missed it well it pretty much sucks to be you, but if you're lucky we'll do it again.

Peep all the flix at Popular Lemonade, after all Lemonade was a popular drink... and it still is....

Heres a flick of the Four Horseman team minus Beto.... By the way we're
posted we are obviously on world takeover status.... obviously

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