shit I learned this week....

Pretty much I didnt learn shit this week. What the fuck ever though cause I learned a whole bunch of shit the two weeks prior. I mean i'm sure I probably did learn something but it must not have been too important cause I can't remember it.
So instead, todays installment will just be some shit that i'm currently thinking. Here it goes. (yes a list, did you expect anything else?)

1. I use the word fuck quite liberally. I dont really care much, it's just a word. I feel like it adds that extra something to most of my sentences. I obviously dont use it at work (much) and use it sparingly around children.

2. Fuck yes the 3oh!3 concert is this weekend! I am beyond fucking stoked for this. Also Bun Blaze has secured something to assure she won't be hWhiskeyed the fuck out by the time they hit the stage! Good job Bun!

3. I hate Christmas shopping! I enjoy shopping in general but Christmas shopping is the fucking pits! I want to shoulder check everyone I pass in the mall. Everyone is getting fucking gift cards this year. You all better act fucking surprised and love them!

4. I pretty much accomplished nothing at work this week. I have severe ADD and shit fuck Adderall doesn't do shit except give me cotton mouth and cause me to make a bunch of lists of shit I need to do but never actually complete.

5. I will blog about whoever and whatever I fucking want! I will say what I want about you good or bad. We live in fucking America which means I have this right. If you don't like it fuck off and don't read my shit!

6. I love my family and really need to spend more time with them. Not like my boys, but like my parents and my brother and shit. They made me who I am and I feel like I need them around me more to keep me grounded.

7. I need some new clothes. None of my shit fits me! I am not complaining, this is an excellent problem to have, as I have officially lost 25 pounds! I never really thought I was extra fat, just.... well voluptuous. Which is pretty much what fat girls say to make themselves feel better. So yeah I was fat. This was confirmed as I was looking at pics of myself from this summer...yuck! Someone shoulda took my fat ass to intervention. When I hit the big 30 I guess I had some sort of crisis where I cut all my hair off and went on a diet! Glad I did, cause I feel like a motherfucking million bucks!

8. This entire blog sounded pretty negative huh? Don't get the wrong idea, i'm in an amazing mood today. It's Friday and I ain't got shit to do. Today is a half day of work then a Christmas Party, and by party I mean sober luncheon. I wish Bun, Ebs, Vero, TA or Rae were here to endure this tortureous event with me.... but alas they are all fucking quitters!

Side note for my readers: Thank you for reading my shit, I hope it can bring you some sort of laughter or entertainment from time to time. I know I can often times be offensive and vulgar. So if I have ever offended you in any way.... well I pretty much don't fucking care.
xoxo The Gen

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