White girls can be gangster too

It's true they can be. Take for example yesterdays 4:20 conversation with Bun Blaze. She proceeded to sing to me Einstein Tech N9ine, cuss words y todo! Not too bad for a white girl from the burbs. Oddly I felt like a proud mother on graduation day. I thought to myself "You've done a terrific job corrupting this bitch". Funny thing is I think she's known the lyrics to this song for quite some time.
She is still unable to send nasty text messages without consulting myself or Rachel first. And she can't fight to save her life. She does however know the meaning of "janky" and "gang bang" now. It's these small milestones that make my heart happy!
Here is another kinda gangser whitey. This kinda shit always makes me laugh. Yup you guessed it courtesy of JBun.

Which also reminded me of this one I saw a while back.

It's just funny to hear these bitches say things like "punk motherfucker" and "don't make me act a motherfucking fool"

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Aimee said...

I'm pretty fucking gangsta too..... word