Things I Learned this week...

1. Cold weather does something to the sex drive.
2. I don’t have as much shit to say as I used to.
3. Adding the word “mafia” makes pretty much anything hardcore i.e. mitten mafia, mustache mafia. You get the idea.
4. Sometimes 30 degrees can be warm
5. Icy parking lots and stilettos are a very bad combination.
6. You can truly rely on very very few people. Most people are full of shit most of the time.
7. I am completely addicted to social networking.
8. When you lose a lot of weight sometimes it makes your head look big…. Or maybe it’s just my hair.
9. I’m a terrible apologizer… terrible… sorry ha
10. I’m facing the reality that I may never again enjoy the savory sweet flavor of a pre FDA black. Sigh…
11. Badluck Bettie and I are apparently meant to be together. How does nobody want her? I don’t get it!
12. I find myself doing the same thing every day at exactly 4:20.
13. I didn't learn as much as I did last week
14. I learned how to change my name on facebook to The General! Best accomplishment ever!
15. 23 feels FUCKING AMAZING!

That’s all for now. I know I need to step my blog game up, sorry ya’ll. I’ll come with better shit soon I promise!

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