Where is home?

"Fuck notoriety I'm takin a stand"
So if you all haven't heard this track yet, wake the fuck up already! This is the One Eyes Kings new shizz feat. Hasan Salaam (a good friend of mine and one of my favs).  From the "In the Land Of The Blind" EP the single "All Roads Lead Home" is pretty much murderous! Serio shit is mad deep, it'll make you you think for sure. They seriously killed it on this one.

"In The Land of the Blind EP serves as O.E.K.’s introduction as the newest members in one of the country’s most vibrant music scenes-Denver. The lead single from the EP is “All Roads Lead Home” Ft. Hasan Salaam who is known for his own “eye opening” antics on FUSE TV. When Salaam won the “Hip Hop President” contest, he made a statement as bold as Kanye’s infamous “George Bush” speech about “Lobbyist, corporate conglomerates and their affiliation with news columnists.” Controversial Salaam is a perfect fit for One Eyed Kings two former service men who share the same quest.
Setting the tone right off the bat over the hypnotizing bass and piano loop, Hasan Salaam opens with “Home ain’t necessarily where you reside…” to start the explanation of the journey he and Bravo have taken to get to this point. Weaving through subjects such as abortion, loss of family members and eventually, rising from the flames."

better late....

I know it's late, and I know I need to step my blog game up. Don't tell me shit. I'm fucking busy ok.
Anyway, I hope all my booty lovers had the best Christmas ever! I know I did! I thought this Christmas was gonna be real hard in light of all my recent "life changes" but it was actually one of the best Christmases i've had in a really long time. My mini got everything he wanted, and I was surronded by familia and friends! We had a Christmas Eve hat party which is my absoloute fav kinda party ever! Even Madukes and Papa Bear rocked hats! Ha!
So word up to all my readers, ya'll are the fucking baddest as if you didn't already know! Thanks for reading my shizz.Oh and yeah I def failed to mail out my Christmas cards too so consider this post your Christmas card from me and Mini! And NO, I'm not with the politically correct Holiday bullshit! It's CHRISTmas and nothing else in my world! Shout out to baby Jesus! Happy Birthday lil homie!
Here's me and my Mini's Christmas picture! Courtesy of the coldest.... Ashley Quezada. Pow!

to the left, to the left

Closed a long chapter of my life this week. It's bitter sweet. Looking forward to my future and surrounding myself with people who love and appreciate me. I can't stress enough how important it is to have honest trustworthy people in your world. Makes your quality of life tip top. On that note.... I am a motherfucking QUEEN, and should be respected and treated as such. If you ain't with it, move the fuck on. Deuces.

Movie it like Bernie

So if you haven't seen the movie "Weekend at Bernie's" you're a dummy! The movie is hilarious, and used to be one of my favs! So for the lames who don't know what its about lemme fill you in. Basically two dudes go to visit their boss at his beach house and when they show up he's on dead body status. So they tote his dead body around all weekend so no one knows he's dead. It's funny, but not near as funny as this new motherfucking dance "the Bernie". I guess the idea is to dance like a dead guy and/or move like Bernie from the movie. Let me just say that I haven't laughed this hard in a long fucking time! It's even more hilarious if you're familiar with the movie. 
So I have two questions: 1. Who the fuck comes up with this shit? I guess when you're a rapper, rapping about money and hoes and poppin bottles can get kinda old.... and B) How the fuck do the people in this vid have this much time on their hands? I feel like they should be in school or something. right? Well whatever, i'm just glad they made it on a count of it officially made my entire week! I'm totally gonna Bernie it up this weekend! From now on I will only do the Bernie dance! ok ok and maybe the stanky leg.
side note: white guys are terrible at doing the Bernie. 

Buttermilk Biscuits

If you're a booty reader, then you pretty much already know about the CasualS. The Car Club/Crew extraordinaire is officially my new familia. I mean they were def familia before, but now it's just super official. Weekend before last Mini and myself officially became a member of the CasualS Crew. We are both super honored to be part of such a legit organization. I personally think its the perfect fit for us on a count of the love we all share for cultura, music, cars, and music. Used to be the only place I could find a cold beer, hot carne and oldies on a Sunday afternoon, was my Papa Bears garage. Now we have a place a little closer to home with the same love. Oh, and I'll never think of buttermilk biscuits the same again... yuk yuk
So as an official member of the CasualS... we celebrated. Duh. Here's some flix from my first night as a Casual and the Patron fueled debauchery that ensued.

Duhtee mouth?

OMG Bun Blaze sent this to me! It is frickin hilarious, on a count of we have had so many conversations about this topic! Yeah, bitches talk about shit like this.... all the fucking time! I've even had to coach her through a sexting session or two, with a few boys who shall remain nameless. Jenna is fucking AWFUL at dirty talk, phone sex, sexting, or anything like it! She cannot even force herself to utter the word pussy, without laughing uncontrollably!
So if you like a girl with a nasty bedroom mouth, sorry but Jenna is NOT the girl for you! Sorry boys I tried to teach her the wicked ways, but some bitches are just not cut out for it. But don't get it twisted, although she has an Orbitz clean mouth, I've heard she's pretty much amazing! Minus her "where you're allowed to stick it" rules. Bwahahaha! Sorry Bun, I had to.

Lube for your ears

Get this shit rightfuckingnow. You're a fucking dummy if you don't. Don't be a fucking dummy.


You should salute me

Nas made this song just for me. Me and Nas go back like babies and pacifiers. It was mostly my milkshake that brought him to the yard. You know how that goes. Anyway, thanks Nas I love it it's perfect.
"Fuck who you are, I'm the muthafuckin General"

PS. Thanks to that one Filthe Animal for puttin me onto this joint. Word

November is a fuckin hater!

This shit... Ya'll gotta get this shit. It's the fucking truth. Beeleedat! My fav is the Look At Me remix with Spoke In Wordz. But the entire album is fire!
I seriously don't know what November has against this dude, but I got his back. I'll kick Novemeber straight in the mouth!
Download the entire dopery here. Or get your face to the Diamond Boi triple release party this Saturday at Kaliente. Word the fuck up.
"I am everything you wanna be. I thought you'd know by now that nothing can stop me"

I be ownin bake sales wit my cupcake skills

A little something special for my Rizzo! She's a motherfucking grownup! Recognize!

With You

I like this, I like the oldies vibe. That's my shit kinda.
"I dont even know how to handle the shit."
via 2BD

gotta have it

I do love George Michael, but I think Limp Bizkit does it better.

Well I guess it would be nice
if I could touch your body
I know not everybody
has gotta body like me
but I gotta think twice
before I give my heart away
and I know all the games you play
'cause I play them too
Oh, but I need some time off
from that emotion
Time to pick my heart up off the floor
When that love comes down
without devotion
well it takes a strong man baby
but I'm showin' you that door

well I gotta have faith
gotta have faith

Baby, I know you're askin' me to stay
say please, please, please don't go away
cause you're givin' me the blues
Baby, you might mean all the words you say
can't help but think of yesterday
and another who tied me down to lover-boy blues
Before this river becomes an ocean
Before you pick my heart up off the floor
when our love comes down
without devotion
Well it takes a strong man baby
but I'm, uh, showing you that door

well I gotta have faith
gotta have faith
get the fuck up


Putting lipstick on my fist gonna give you a kiss

Seriously two of my favorite fucking things ever Nicki Minaj & MAC Cosmetics! And it's about fucking time if you ask me! So yeah, MAC & Minaj have teamed up to release a new Nicki Minaj lip color "Pink Friday4" to coincide with the release of her new album Pink Friday. The album is set to hit stores November 22nd, which isn't even a Friday, so thats kinda dumb. Not positive if the lipstick will be released the same day as the album, but fuck, please make it soon!! The color is rumored to be a hot pink. A mix between MAC Pink Nouveau and Girl About Town (one of my favs). It'll def be a limited edition so get it while it lasts bitches! Thank god for my pro card!
I''' keep you fuckers updated as more details are released. Word.
"I love when it's on, baby kiss me till it's gone"

kiss it


I don't wanna die...

I seriously may not be able to live without these boots. I don't wanna die. Consider them added to my Christmas list. Word.


OMG ok, so my nephew just showed me this vid. I don't watch this stupid show, but motherfuck this shit is hilarious! I especially love the slow-mo. Dude this bitches face had to hurt so fucking bad! LMAO it kinda looks like her head is exploding. I can watch this over and over.

This and That

  • I puked today. In my trashcan. In my office. It tasted like orange juice. I didn't drink orange juice. 
  • I'm terrible at making nachos. Actually I'm kinda terrible at making anything. Except maybe pumpkin bread. Which I don't even eat, so I don't know.
  • I felt frumpy. So I cut my hair. And I pierced my nose. I feel better.
  • Rizzo gave my son a snake. We fed him a mouse. It was fuckin horrible. My son cheered him on. The snake , not the mouse. The snake wants to eat Jonny.
  • I already miss Jersey Shore. Arsenio Hall was the original fist pumper. 
  • I have more roses than I know what to do with. I'm still not sure how I feel about that.
  • I hate being cold. I'm glad I'm not homeless. Oh and cause I like to eat and watch TV.
  • I like knowing exactly what I want. I hate not getting it.
  • I'm the queen of traffic tickets. None of us should even have to pay taxes, on a count of I dish out so many fucking snaps on traffic tickets.
  • I'm extra excited for black Friday. I'ma go the fuck in. Me & madukes.
  • My ass is getting fat. I need to start jogging. 
  • My nephew is pretty much the shit. I'm extra proud of him, he's one of the few good dudes that still exist.
  • Never tell a girl she looks tired. Never. It's seriously so fucked up.

Keeping up with that ass

This shoot KK did for W mag is so much fucking better than the complete crap she did in Playboy. I hated that shoot, I thought it looked like a cheesy 80's Cinemax porn.
I'll be honest, I didn't even read W the article, I mean she most likely doesn't have anything important to say anyway. Seriously tho this bitch is fire. I love these flix, they are classy and hot at the same time. Oh and I still think her ass has been altered, but who cares. Enjoy.
PS. Remember that lady from Goldfinger who died cause they painted her gold. This made me think of that bitch. Let's hope this shiny paint shit is safer than it was in the 60's. word.

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

I know I kinda slept on posting this. Apologies. But here it is, and I guarantee it was worth the wait. Big Daddy Zome's 2nd full length album, Diamond In The Flesh. The first release of three from the Diamond Bois Camp. Diamond In The Flesh is followed by Ze's Advanced Placement released yesterday, and Dyalekt's November Hates Me to be released November 22nd. All three will  be available for free digital download, and released physically at The Diamond Bois release party. The release party will be held November 27th at Kaliente (16th & Champa). So get your faces there, this will be one for the record books! I'll be there. Word the fuck up. Oh and in the meantime go to diamondboiz.com to download the good good. Especially Diamond In The Flesh!
"You could crush the whole world with the look in your eyes"

Give em something to play on!

Ok, so this my friends is for a really good cause! I got some fam that attends this school Crown Pointe Academy. The school is new and amazing! It was recently built due to over crowding at their last location. After being built however the Academy did not have enough funding to build a playground for the kids. Sad face, right? I mean What the fuck Elementary school doesn't have a playground!? And how seriously sucky for the kids that go there! WTF are they supposed to do at recess?
So here's the scoop, starting November 1st Crown Pointe Academy will have the chance to win a $50,000 grant to be used for playground equipment! But in order to win these snaps, they need votes! So pretty please with sugar on top go to : www.refresheverything.com/crownpointeacademy and vote for this idea! Oh you can also vote via text by texting 103841 to PEPSI(73774)! Thats how I vote, it's easy. So you can vote once per day, everyday in November!
They really need your votes on a count of these little motherfuckers really need some shit to play on! Otherwise they'll end up in gangs, and jail, and on drugs, and pregnant, and all of that bad shit that happens to kids without monkey bars!  So vote your faces off please! Every time you vote I will give you a kiss! :) ... wait, does that ,make me a hooker? Well whatever, so be it! Call it hooking for a good cause!
Thank you all for your support! Love your faces!

"Turn the world upside down and use the train tracks for monkey bars."

all. my. friends. love.....

A dope party! Yes yes ya'll, trust me when I tell you this is where you will need to be this Saturday! The Casuals Crew is at it again with another extra sick event for you! This Saturday at the D-Note (which coincidentally is right by my new crib. Can you say "after party") the Casuals will be throwing an Anniversary party to celebrate 7 years of dopery! Also to thank all the motherfuckers that supported them rain or shine! My fav DJ will be in the house DJ Lazy Eyez, ya'll already know how this kid puts it down! I dare you to try standing still! There will be lots of good people in the building... I mean I'll be there so, you get it.. Here's the info, I'll see you motherfuckers Saturday! Pow!
On a side note: I'd just like to give an extra special shout of love to my Casuals fam. Ya'll have been so fucking good to me and my mini, treating us like familia without even thinking twice! Reppin Whorebath to the fullest! It means so much to us! We are so blessed to know each and every one of you! You all give me faith that familia and love still exist, and are still good. Thank you for everything! ex oh ex oh

Rock the Vote!

Get your fucking faces out there and vote! If you don't you're a dummy. Nuff said!
So in honor of election day here are a few hilarious rally signs from todays political rallies all over the country!