At the hop

It's been a while since I made the shit I learned list. Not that I haven't learned anything, I just haven't shared. So here it goes, shit I’ve learned slash am currently thinking:

1. Addiction is a bitch. I heard running is like one of the most addicting things. I wish I was addicted to running. Right? I mean seriously who gets addicted to running.
2. Music makes the world go around. At least my world. My theme song = Bad Girl by the cramps. I'm almost positive it was written just for me (minus the pantyhose part)
3. No matter what you do in life, you will always have critics. The people who just ooze jealousy and hate. They are usually the ones that barely know you, but love to talk about you. It's sad really.
4. As much as I'd like to say, I don't care what people think of me. Sometimes I do.
5. I need to get to the gym asap. Real talk.
6. Sometimes there is not nearly enough hours in my day.
7. I always, always have lugies. Always. This is gross, I know. Whaddya gonna do, right?
8. I miss Bettie a lot. She was so clean slash such a bad girl. I think that’s why we got along so well.
9. I mostly like to hang out with people who laugh at all my jokes and think I’m the best. I mean that’s normal right?
10. I'm going to bedazzle my teeth. This is by far one of the best ideas I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of brilliant ideas!
11. I've inhaled more super glue fumes this week than any one person ever should. That shit smells awful and gives me a headache. I can assure you it does not make me feel like I'm walking on sunshine.
12. I'm glad TA is back from the evil clutches of the dark side. It makes me happy.
13. I know some of the most talented and creative people on earth. I'm pretty fucking lucky.
14. I am EXTREMELY facially expressive. (is that a word?) It's pretty hilarious, except when it's not. I'm funny to me.
15. It's only been a week, and I miss the fuck out of Jersey Shore. I hope they have a season 2. Me and Jenna are gonna throw a Joisey paaaty, it'll most likely be amazing. We will beat up the beat and fist pump and I will punch Jenna square in the face.

fucking savage

The ATR Scumbags mixtape has finally hit the streets. These dudes go hard, always.  Don't trip, get that. It'll change your life, trust.

In addition to the Scumbags release the homie Chuck $teaks released the long awaited "Keep Me off Skid Row" featuring tracks from Pilot Touhill and produced by Keitel (Hans). Download bitches!

Big ups to the entire ATRmy, for always holding it down and supporting my shit. Don't let the prison time and tattoos fool you, they are all solid dudes, slash will straight up murder you if you give them good reason.

hello hotness!

Holy fuck dude! The hair for the 2010 Chanel Spring show was freakin fire! I'm not in love with the line itself, but whoever did this hair needs a kiss! Reminds me of Bram Stoker's Dracula hair, only less creepy for sure! Good job Chanel! Oh and ps. I totally may or may not buy the shiny gold suit for Dead.

Who hearts the V?

I do! No not vagina....Valentines! Cochinos! Here's some more Valentine's Day gift ideas, for your special lady. Again my disclaimer: I digg on some off the wall shit sometimes, so if you buy it for your girl and she hates it, not my fault. But if you buy if for me I will love it. Just sayin.

These are clutches from LuLu Guinness. Hot

Red  and gold crystal bracelet by Butler & Wilson! XOXO

And we cannot forget shoes. These are bad ass and I've wanted them forever. Good luck finding them anywhere though. They are a McQueen Louboutin collabo. (in case you do, i'm a size 5.5)

Pop the trunk

Ummmm, yeah. I'm gonna immediately need one of these. What's more bad ass than an ordinary weapon? A bedazzled one, pshhh. Don't even trip, when 2012 rolls around or there's a zombie attack, or some poor sucker tries to purse snatch me, I may or may not be packing some amazing looking heat.
Yes, I shoot guns from time to time. And yes I occasionally do it in stilettos. I'm more than just a pretty face. Thought you knew.
I wonder if I can bedazzle the guns I already have? hmmmm.

"Heck, shooting someone is part of the American dream" ~George Carlin

How's your Aspen?

So we all know that every January for the past 4 years, Aspen transforms from its norm of gigantic diamonds and fur coats. To more of a party town, at least for the weekend anyway. Aspen has been the home of Winter X-Games for several years now. X-Games is one of the biggest and best events to hit Aspen in my opinion. I had the opportunity to go year before last, and trust it was one of the best weekends of my life. We're actually pretty lucky we made it back alive (some of us more than others *Jenna*).
Well apparently hosting Winter X had some sort of positive impact on Aspen, because the fine people in charge decided to host another unlikely event. The Medical marijuana conference!
This will be Colorado’s 1st annual Western Slope Cannabis Crown, and will take place April 17-18 in Aspen. The "crown" will go to the Mary Jane dispensary whose green contains the highest level of THC (the shit that gets you high). But don't get too stoked, they will test the THC levels using laboratories not people.
On the brighter side, if you have your medical Mary Jane card you will be able to purchase from all the different vendors. The booths will have the state's top dispensaries, bakeries, and restaurants.
Oh and the best part of it all is, the "locals" (aka. the gigantic diamond, fur coat wearing, rich snobby skiers) are not too pumped on the city's choice to host all of these events. Well fuck it can't be all wine tasting and dog shows, right?!
So ya'll have until April to come up with some bullshit excuse as to why you need a medical marijuana card.

In the place to be

This will be a busy weekend! I'm not even sure I have enough fits to accommodate all the happenings this weekend. Here are two that you cannot miss!

Shoe Shine 4.0. Its a FireLily event so it will be amazing. Duh. Big ups to the homies Marz & Filthe. These two always bring fire. Trust

So after you've got your dose of freshness, Hit up Gallery 22 for your dose of hotness. Rachel & Angelica's annual Birthday banger. Always hot.

So if you wanna see my face this weekend, this is where I'll be. And a few other places too ;) Come see me and give me kisses.... and tequila!
"Love me cancerously. Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea. 'High-maintenance' means,you're a gluttonous queen, narcissistic and mean.
Kill me romantically. Fill my soul with vomit, then ask me for a piece of gum. Bitter and dumb, you're my sugarplum.
You're awful, I love you!"

Yup she's still my numero uno.

get up get get get down

Oh and I love this bitch, Melody Eshani. She comes with the sickness. Trust

oh la la

I bought these today. Pretty much they're amazing.  I need to stop buying things. Or not, either way.

now what?

I'm on some random DIY shit lately. I'm like a sick demented Martha Stewart. So stay tuned for my latest DIY project. Ya'll ain't ready.

my inspiration:

Mine will be better. duh

om nom nom nom..... boom!

Don't forget boys, V-Day is rapidly approaching! So if you're the flowers and candy type of guy, and your girl is anything like me (very unlikely), then here's the best gift idea ever! It combines two of my favorite things ever! Chocolate and weapons!

stay gold

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
~Robert Frost

I like this poem. This will be my next tattoo "Nothing gold can stay" yup.

flash back

A plethora of artists have done this song. This is one of my favorite versions. I like to listen to it with my eyes closed.
Apparently men have been pushing their women to last straw status for a long long time. Unfortunate.

my most recent purchase

I bought this today, its super fucking legit. Let's see how long it takes for the biter bitches to cop one. Ready......go! heh

Stimulate me please

There are two things that stimulate me: music and art. They are sexy to me. Whether it’s listening to the dark scratchy voice of Ertha Kitt, or taking in the lines and colors of an amazing piece of art, it’s so fucking hot to me.
I like to be stimulated constantly. Most places, streets and buildings are boring to me. I know there are those people that see the beauty of things just the way they are. But for me I need color, a lot of it. I have always like driving the long stretch of Colfax , because they have some of the most visually stimulating buildings ever. It’s amazing to me what a few spray cans can do to an otherwise ordinary brick building.

This last year I have had the pleasure and honor of getting to know one of our city’s most amazing artists, Jolt. Jolt is the creator and founder of the Guerilla Garden movement. It’s not only his art that I love, but his background is beyond inspirational. Unlike most graffiti artists from the 90’s he turned his love for the spray can into an enterprise with Guerilla Garden. You will not only see amazing artwork from Guerilla Garden, but fresh clothing, and events too. There is nothing I like to see more than a kid from North Denver demolish the stereo types, come up and do epic things. And like few that have come up, trust that Jolt does not forget where he came from. He does a huge amount of work with the community and inner city kids.  So where does the artist himself get his inspiration? In his words "My works have been guided by an underlying aesthetic philosophy that attempts to “naturalize the urban landscape.” Softening the hard steel and institutional walls of industry is a social imperative." Nothing short of amazing in my opinion.
If you’ve been anywhere but under a rock, you have seen Jolt’s art all over the city, including the colorful stretch of Colfax that I love so much. Don’t get it twisted; his art is not limited to city walls. He has created some of the most breathtaking custom murals, and paintings I have ever seen. His art makes use of the bright colors and bold lines that are so fucking sexy to me. Raw and urban and unfiltered just how I like it. Jolt is definitely doing his part to make our city fucking fire!

If you haven’t had the orgasmic pleasure of Jolt’s art: (a) where the fuck have you been? (b) sucks to be you. (c) peep his website GUERILLAGARDEN.COM, also CHAC Gallery @ 774 Santa Fe, is lucky enough to be displaying some of his pieces through the end of the January.

vaya con dios

Another great... gone. Rest in peaceTeddy Bear. Between Elvis, MJ and now TP the man usptairs is gettin his groove on for sure... Lucky

blah blah blah

Yeah, I officially love her. Don't judge me.

Tell me about it... stud

So it seems that studs  and spikes are the new hotness. Fashion seems to be on some sorta Madd Maxx ThunderDome trip. Well whatever it is... I'm with it! I'm a fan of the studs and spikes and whatever other morbid shit comes along. I guess that's just me though, I always tend to embrace the darker stranger side. Don't get me wrong i'm not gonna go all Lady Gaga on you, but I can digg the abnormal.
Here are some of my favorite spiked, studded, and otherwise darker pieces.

These pieces are from my new fav jeweler nOir Jewelry. They make the absolute sickest shit. If anyone feels like they need to buy me a gift for one reason or another, please visit this site. Thanks

This cuff is from Joomi Limm. Super clean. Bet he won't talk back when you're rocking this!

These two lovely pieces are for the thrifty/unemployed fasionista. They can be found at Forever21 every girls favorite last minute weekend outfit stop.

Or if you have rubber band stacks in your wallet... These ones are from Louboutin. Extra fancy!

Oh and for those of you in the market for a most fashionable eye patch. This gem can be found on Etsy!  Nothing says "I'm fucking crazy" like a spiked bedazzled eye patch. Just sayin..

can you say "Trainwreck"?

As if we all didn’t know what a mess this bitch is! She got all borracha at some awards show and then had to give an acceptance speech. Poor thing, how embarrassing for her.  See what marriage does to a girl. Oh MiMi...
And this, ladies and gentleman is why I will be staying 90% sober this year. Front row hammered drunk... not a good look.

So this one's for you Mrs. Cannon... (oh and Jenna ha kidding bitch... kinda)

I knew I shoulda went to college!

Wow! I'm pretty sure BSU is the first to offer a major of this kind. You can always count on  ol' Boise to offer that new cutting edge shit. I wonder if they offer a major in spelling?
Well, at least he'll have something to fall back on if the whole football gig doesn't work out for him right? Just sayin'.

B-Day Banger

It's the big homie AVIUS' birthday party this weekend! Good music, good people, and good times for sure. The Gen will mosdef be in the house. Everybody come out and holler! word.


Ok, so as we all know by now, I'm pretty much a stiletto girl 80% of the time. But there are a select few occasions that I do rock sneaks. Like on the weekends or to games or whatevs. Me being me, I'm not necessarily a nike dunk or Jordan kinda girl. I have a pair or two that i've maybe worn once. Still in the box. Not knockin them, they're just not really my style. I own more Chucks than any person should probably own, I guess that's the rockabilly girl in me. I am also a fan of Gravis sneaks, I just like what they put out.
I recently stumbled across this brand Radii (ray-dee-eye) that I LOVE! Again... I don't always stay on top of the sneaker game, so this may be old news to some of you, but its new to me so whatevs.  I like almost every pair in their line. My favorites are:
The Straight Jackets in black & green... for obvious reasons

The Timeless Deluxe in Red & White... These remind me of my old school Filas from Jr. High.

The Strangler in Gold & Purple, cause.. well I like goooold. I like the zippers on these too.

The 420 in patent black. These are prob my favs. They are super clean, and shiny.

The Thriller in gold & pink. Again with the gold. I feel like they are real girly and I like that.

So once again, sneakers aren't really my thing, but I like this brand an extra lot. My next mission will be finding them in my size. The Chinese people had it all wrong, extra small feet are not as legit as one would think.
Oh and another reason I like this brand.... B. Marsh cosigns them.  So I pretty much don't care what anyone thinks. I like B. Marsh, he's legit and he eats the same kind of fruit snacks as I do so I know he's a good guy.