How's your Aspen?

So we all know that every January for the past 4 years, Aspen transforms from its norm of gigantic diamonds and fur coats. To more of a party town, at least for the weekend anyway. Aspen has been the home of Winter X-Games for several years now. X-Games is one of the biggest and best events to hit Aspen in my opinion. I had the opportunity to go year before last, and trust it was one of the best weekends of my life. We're actually pretty lucky we made it back alive (some of us more than others *Jenna*).
Well apparently hosting Winter X had some sort of positive impact on Aspen, because the fine people in charge decided to host another unlikely event. The Medical marijuana conference!
This will be Colorado’s 1st annual Western Slope Cannabis Crown, and will take place April 17-18 in Aspen. The "crown" will go to the Mary Jane dispensary whose green contains the highest level of THC (the shit that gets you high). But don't get too stoked, they will test the THC levels using laboratories not people.
On the brighter side, if you have your medical Mary Jane card you will be able to purchase from all the different vendors. The booths will have the state's top dispensaries, bakeries, and restaurants.
Oh and the best part of it all is, the "locals" (aka. the gigantic diamond, fur coat wearing, rich snobby skiers) are not too pumped on the city's choice to host all of these events. Well fuck it can't be all wine tasting and dog shows, right?!
So ya'll have until April to come up with some bullshit excuse as to why you need a medical marijuana card.

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