Ok, so as we all know by now, I'm pretty much a stiletto girl 80% of the time. But there are a select few occasions that I do rock sneaks. Like on the weekends or to games or whatevs. Me being me, I'm not necessarily a nike dunk or Jordan kinda girl. I have a pair or two that i've maybe worn once. Still in the box. Not knockin them, they're just not really my style. I own more Chucks than any person should probably own, I guess that's the rockabilly girl in me. I am also a fan of Gravis sneaks, I just like what they put out.
I recently stumbled across this brand Radii (ray-dee-eye) that I LOVE! Again... I don't always stay on top of the sneaker game, so this may be old news to some of you, but its new to me so whatevs.  I like almost every pair in their line. My favorites are:
The Straight Jackets in black & green... for obvious reasons

The Timeless Deluxe in Red & White... These remind me of my old school Filas from Jr. High.

The Strangler in Gold & Purple, cause.. well I like goooold. I like the zippers on these too.

The 420 in patent black. These are prob my favs. They are super clean, and shiny.

The Thriller in gold & pink. Again with the gold. I feel like they are real girly and I like that.

So once again, sneakers aren't really my thing, but I like this brand an extra lot. My next mission will be finding them in my size. The Chinese people had it all wrong, extra small feet are not as legit as one would think.
Oh and another reason I like this brand.... B. Marsh cosigns them.  So I pretty much don't care what anyone thinks. I like B. Marsh, he's legit and he eats the same kind of fruit snacks as I do so I know he's a good guy.

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LARD Boys said...

Contact Sounds Supreme. They sponser him and throw him freebies all the time.