Stimulate me please

There are two things that stimulate me: music and art. They are sexy to me. Whether it’s listening to the dark scratchy voice of Ertha Kitt, or taking in the lines and colors of an amazing piece of art, it’s so fucking hot to me.
I like to be stimulated constantly. Most places, streets and buildings are boring to me. I know there are those people that see the beauty of things just the way they are. But for me I need color, a lot of it. I have always like driving the long stretch of Colfax , because they have some of the most visually stimulating buildings ever. It’s amazing to me what a few spray cans can do to an otherwise ordinary brick building.

This last year I have had the pleasure and honor of getting to know one of our city’s most amazing artists, Jolt. Jolt is the creator and founder of the Guerilla Garden movement. It’s not only his art that I love, but his background is beyond inspirational. Unlike most graffiti artists from the 90’s he turned his love for the spray can into an enterprise with Guerilla Garden. You will not only see amazing artwork from Guerilla Garden, but fresh clothing, and events too. There is nothing I like to see more than a kid from North Denver demolish the stereo types, come up and do epic things. And like few that have come up, trust that Jolt does not forget where he came from. He does a huge amount of work with the community and inner city kids.  So where does the artist himself get his inspiration? In his words "My works have been guided by an underlying aesthetic philosophy that attempts to “naturalize the urban landscape.” Softening the hard steel and institutional walls of industry is a social imperative." Nothing short of amazing in my opinion.
If you’ve been anywhere but under a rock, you have seen Jolt’s art all over the city, including the colorful stretch of Colfax that I love so much. Don’t get it twisted; his art is not limited to city walls. He has created some of the most breathtaking custom murals, and paintings I have ever seen. His art makes use of the bright colors and bold lines that are so fucking sexy to me. Raw and urban and unfiltered just how I like it. Jolt is definitely doing his part to make our city fucking fire!

If you haven’t had the orgasmic pleasure of Jolt’s art: (a) where the fuck have you been? (b) sucks to be you. (c) peep his website GUERILLAGARDEN.COM, also CHAC Gallery @ 774 Santa Fe, is lucky enough to be displaying some of his pieces through the end of the January.

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I love this Kell! Great job mujer...meeyaaah