Tell me about it... stud

So it seems that studs  and spikes are the new hotness. Fashion seems to be on some sorta Madd Maxx ThunderDome trip. Well whatever it is... I'm with it! I'm a fan of the studs and spikes and whatever other morbid shit comes along. I guess that's just me though, I always tend to embrace the darker stranger side. Don't get me wrong i'm not gonna go all Lady Gaga on you, but I can digg the abnormal.
Here are some of my favorite spiked, studded, and otherwise darker pieces.

These pieces are from my new fav jeweler nOir Jewelry. They make the absolute sickest shit. If anyone feels like they need to buy me a gift for one reason or another, please visit this site. Thanks

This cuff is from Joomi Limm. Super clean. Bet he won't talk back when you're rocking this!

These two lovely pieces are for the thrifty/unemployed fasionista. They can be found at Forever21 every girls favorite last minute weekend outfit stop.

Or if you have rubber band stacks in your wallet... These ones are from Louboutin. Extra fancy!

Oh and for those of you in the market for a most fashionable eye patch. This gem can be found on Etsy!  Nothing says "I'm fucking crazy" like a spiked bedazzled eye patch. Just sayin..